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The Ballad Of Jack And Rose

Daniel Day-Lewis (Actor)
Rebecca Miller (Director)
Host: Jenny Zylka

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1986. The good old days of love, peace and happiness are long gone, but there’s one person who has remained loyal to the ideals of yesteryear. Jack Slavin still lives on the site of the commune he once founded on an island off the east coast of the USA. The commune’s cohabitants went their separate ways long ago. Nowadays, Jack’s sixteen-year-old daughter, Rose, is the only one still living here with him.
Until now, Jack has managed to shelter his daughter from all outside influences. However, Jack is beginning to succumb to a serious illness. What’s more, Rose isn’t a little girl any more. On top of everything else, a building contractor named Marty Rance has recently appeared on the scene, wanting to put up an ugly modern building right next door to Jack’s property.
Anxious about their future, Jack decides to invite his ex-girlfriend, Kathleen, to come and live on the island. She duly arrives at Jack and Rose’s home – with her teenage sons Rodney and Thaddius in tow. Jealous Rose feels steamrollered by this new development, and her vehement reactions mean that the situation in this new patchwork family soon escalates. But when Rose throws herself first at Rodney, then at his brother Thaddius and even flies off the handle at Kathleen, the whole affair begins to spin completely out of control for Jack.

USA 2004, 111 min


Rebecca Miller


Daniel Day-Lewis
Camilla Belle
Catherine Keener
Beau Bridges
Paul Dano
Jason Lee
Jena Malone
Susanna Thompson

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