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Hospital doctor Margarita has long been in love with her old friend Grigori. But her love for him is a hopeless case and she will ever be able to share happiness with him. For Grigori is married and, for various reasons, a divorce is out of the question. One day, Grigori appears at the hospital in a state of excitement and informs her that his mother has died. Margarita, who also knew this friendly old lady, is saddened at the news. On the other hand, the announcement makes her hopeful that things might just work out for her and Grigori after all. But then, Grigori asks Margarita for a death certificate, confirming that his mother died of natural causes…

Russian Federation 2004, 10 min


Kira Muratova


Nina Ruslanova
Yuri Nevgamonni
Inga Doronina

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Pygmalion Production Film Studio Ltd.