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La vita che vorrei

The Life I Want

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Laura is a highly promising young actor of around thirty years of age. At an audition she meets Stefano, a successful acting colleague. Stefano is deeply impressed by Laura’s sensitivity – and she gets the part. She and Stefano are cast opposite each other in a period drama set in the nineteenth century; they are to portray a pair of lovers having a secret, forbidden affair.
Like everyone else on the set, Stefano is very taken with Laura’s dedication to her role and, before long, a bond evolves between them that goes far beyond their working relationship. Day after day, they repeat their declarations of love for each other before the camera – in this respect, life imitates the artifice of the screenplay.
Yet cracks start to appear in their bliss. It does not escape Stefano’s notice that Laura soon begins to garner more attention and admiration than himself, and, when she is offered another project during filming, Stefano’s jealousy is well and truly aroused.
On screen, the chemistry between the lovers is still crackling. However, their off-screen relationship is positively explosive, and this has an affect on the filming of the film-within-a film. Before long, the studio is an emotional minefield…
“I tell stories about people, their dreams, their illusions” is how the director of FUORI DAL MONDO and LUCE DEI MIEI OCCHI Giuseppe Piccioni describes his approach to filmmaking. His latest work bears testimony once again to his credo.

Italy / Malta 2005, 139 min


Giuseppe Piccioni


Luigi Lo Cascio
Sandra Ceccarelli
Galatea Ranzi

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