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The Play

Das Spiel


Nothing’s more lovely than playing. Though if you always have to play alone, even the nicest of games eventually gets boring. Soraya longs most for a playmate who might bring some fun and a bit of variety into her small world.
Her mother has much too much to do, she can’t devote herself to her daughter. Confined to the courtyard of her home, Soraya listens to the delightful voices of the children next door. What’s going on over there behind the wall? What are the children laughing about? What are they playing? And with what? Soraya is livid, Soraya is at her wit’s end and all alone in her backyard. Then one day a colourful ball comes flying in a great arc into her yard and all at once everything changes – a new game begins.
BAZI tells a quite ordinary story that could take place anywhere in the world where children play and just can't or don’t want to accept all the things their parents prohibit. Soraya is a child who has her mind set on playing in a certain way, a way that will enable her to escape, at least for a moment, into a world in which for once adults have no say.

Iran 2004, 60 min


Gholamreza Ramezani


Melika Emami
Mahnaz Afzali

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SMI Sheherazad Media International