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Press Releases 2004


Jan 22, 2004:
Giving All for a Genre: The Short Film Competition Is Complete

Due to its form, the short film constitutes a perfect place for experimentation, for forging new talents and innovation. Alongside young filmmakers who are able to evolve their styles in short films, established feature film directors also enjoy returning to this genre. The Berlinale has created a special platform for short films, giving them their own program slot and jury.

Short Film Jury 2004:

Christine Dollhofer (Austria)

The well-known journalist and theater expert has organized numerous film events and festivals, for instance, as manager of the Filmcasino art house in Vienna. From 1997 to 2003 she was director of the Diagonale film festival in Graz. After disagreements, she left Graz and founded the film festival Crossing Europe in Linz; it will be launched in May 2004.

Sophie Maintigneux (France)

Born in Paris, camerawoman Sophie Maintigneux now lives in Berlin. Since 1984 she has done camerawork on over 50 feature and documentary films, e. g. for Eric Rohmer (The Green Ray) and Michael Klier (Heidi M). Her numerous awards include the Femina Film Prize 2001 and the German Camera Award 2003 for the documentary Ladies and Gentlemen over 65.

Vinca Wiedemann (Denmark)

A graduate of the Danish Film Academy, Wiedemann was responsible for granting development and production support to feature films since 1999 as the commissioning editor of the Danish Film Institute. Recently she was assigned head of the new "Talent Development" department. Wiedemann has supervised projects by notable Danish directors, including Lars von Trier, Lone Scherfig, Lukas Moodysson, Susanne Bier and Thomas Vinterberg.

The Short Film Competition of the 54th International Film Festival includes seventeen entries from twelve countries, all of which are competing for the Golden and the Silver Berlin Bear for short films. The award ceremony for short films will be held on February 10, 2004 at the Berlinale Palast.

Often filmmakers adopt the perspective of children and adolescents. In Goodbye, Cruel World by Vito Rocco, a young man tries his hand as a budding Frankenstein and reanimates his best friend; Martin Brierley in Little Man and Karin Junger and Birgit Hillenius in Vet! (Great!) examine the cliques formed by young people in South Africa and Holland.

Animation is a traditional medium of short films: the Spanish filmmaker María Trénor will present Con qué la lavaré? (With What Shall I Wash It? ) in Berlin; The Soul Hunter, French artist Christine Rebet’s latest film, was inspired by watercolor paintings. The best-know name on the bill is Tom Tykwer: with True the German director has made a short declaration of love to Paris.

The other contributions are from countries which have rarely participated in the festival: e. g., from Macedonia Bubachki (Bugs) by Igor Ivanov and Romania Un cartus de kent si un pachet de cafea (Cigarettes and Coffee) by Cristi Puiu. Though there are also films from the USA Ola’s Box of Clovers by Genevieve Anderson, Argentina Public/Private by Christoph Behl, France Le vilain petit poussin by Rachid Bouchareb, Sweden Kvinnans Platts (A Woman’s Place) by Ewa Cederstam and Russelltribunalen (The Russell Tribunal) by Staffan Lamm, Australia The Scree by Paul McDermott and from the Netherlands Dajo by Hanro Smitsman and De regels van het vliegen (The Rules of Flying) by Eugenie Jansen.

Press Office

January 22, 2004

1. True, Tom Tykwer, Germany/France

2. Con qué la lavaré? /With What Shall I Wash It? , María Trénor, Spain

3. Sapiens, Aleksandr Rogozhkin, Russia

4. Dajo, Hanro Smitsman, Netherlands

5. The Scree, Paul McDermott, Australia

6. Little Man, Martin Brierley, Great Britain/South Africa

7. The Soul Hunter, Christine Rebet, Germany

8. Goodbye, Cruel World, Vito Rocco, Great Britain

9. De regels van het vliegen/The Rules of Flying, Eugenie Jansen, Netherlands

10. Le vilain petit poussin, Rachid Bouchareb, France

11. Vet! /Great! , Karin Junger/Birgit Hillenius, Netherlands

12. Kvinnans Plats/A Woman’s Place, Ewa Cederstam, Sweden

13. Bubachki/Käfer/Bugs, Igor Ivanov, Macedonia

14. Russelltribunalen/The Russell Tribunal, Staffan Lamm, Sweden

15. Ola's Box of Clovers, Genevieve Anderson, USA

16. Public/Private, Christoph Behl, Argentina

17. Un cartus de kent si un pachet de cafea/Cigarettes and Coffee, Cristi Puiu, Romania