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Jan 28, 2004:
Berlinale 2004: Panorama Dokumente

Panorama would like to confirm another – final – documentary, one which will contribute further to shaping the festival’s special focus on Latin America. The Panorama now comprises 17 documentaries, alongside 17 fiction films in the Panorama’s main program as well as 17 in the Special series.

Traveling with Che Guevara by Gianni Minà (Italy), 110 minutes, digital, with Alberto Granado.

This documentary made during the shooting of Motorcycle Diaries, Walter Salles’ most recent film, is a work in its own right. It minutely illuminates the circumstances behind Ernesto “Che” Guevara’s motorcycle trip through South America in 1952 and how it politicized him. Guevara, at the time a 23-year-old medical student, kept diaries about his six-month-long journey with his friend, the biologist Alberto Granado. On an old Norton 500, and later by hitchhiking, the two traveled as leprosy specialists all across Argentina, Chile, Peru, Columbia und Venezuela. Salles, who received the Golden Berlin Bear in 1998 for his film Central Station, convinced Granado to be his advisor and accompany the shooting. In Gianni Minà’s documentary about the film’s making, Granado clarifies incidents, recounts his own memories, gives guidance on details and lends his support to leading actors Gael Garcia Bernal (Che) and Rodrigo della Serna (Alberto). His commentary on the project: “Re-living all this seems like a dream”.

Gianni Minà and 81-year-old Alberto Granado, who will be coming from Cuba, are both expected to attend the film’s presentation.

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January 28, 2004