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Behesht Ja-ye Digari Ast

Paradise Is Somewhere Else

Das Paradies ist anderswo


17-year-old Eidok lives in a remote village in Iran. He finds the restricted nature of village life with its ubiquitous traditions, rules and monotonous daily routines quite stifling and would give anything to get away, preferably to the Emirates, where life is so much more exciting – or so he has been led to believe. And so Eidok begins to plan his escape – in spite of the fact that his parents are against their son’s idea. Eidok arranges for an Afghan refugee named Gol-Mohammad to take on his own job as herder and prepares to leave.
However, just as Eidok is about to go, his father is fatally injured in an accident at the building site where he works and Eidok’s relatives call upon him to restore the family’s honour by killing his father’s murderer. Eidok is now faced with a heavy decision – to go or to stay? If he stays he will need just as much strength and courage to resist the family’s call for revenge as he would if he were to set off for an entirely unknown world.
Abdolrasoul Golbon: “Everyone is searching for a lost thing or a new horizon in life, regardless of what he thinks and believes in. In this film we take a look at the world of people on the periphery; at the lives of those who have been forgotten.”

Iran 2003, 77 min


Abdolrasoul Golbon


Yar-Mohammad Damanipour
Jan-Mohammad Tajik

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