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Lalecet al hamaim / Walk On Water

Walk On Water

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Pia lives on a kibbutz in Israel with her boyfriend. Her brother Axel teaches the children of foreign immigrants and lives in Berlin. Both are the grandchildren of a notorious Nazi criminal who the Israeli secret service has not yet been able to trace. Eyal is a highly intelligent agent working for Mossad. His parents were survivors of the Holocaust. Eyal is given the assignment to find Pia and Axel’s grandfather. When Axel pays his sister a visit in Israel, Eyal becomes their tourist guide. They visit Jerusalem’s old town together and also take a trip to the coast. While they are in each other’s company, the difference between the openly homosexual Axel and Eyal, who lives his life very much by the rule book, becomes increasingly apparent.
No sooner does Axel go back to Germany than Mossad uncovers evidence that Axel and Pia’s grandfather is still alive. The old man is expected to attend Axel and Pia’s father’s birthday celebration. Eyal is given the job of annihilating the war criminal; he travels to Berlin to visit Axel. Once there, the cold-blooded agent comes up against not only the dark, deeply repressed depths of one German family’s history, he is also forced to discover a few repressed home truths about himself.

Israel 2003, 104 min


Eytan Fox


Lior Ashkenazi
Knut Berger
Caroline Peters
Hanns Zischler
Carola Regnier

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