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Kinderfilmfest / 14plus

Showa Shinzan

Die Geburt eines Berges


The Second World War is raging and Yasuko decides to go and live with her grandparents in Hokkaido in northern Japan. When the nearby volcano, Usu, erupts on the island, Yasuko’s grandfather decides to document it’s activity. As the realities of war creep to the remote village, the volcano continues to spit out stones, lava and smoke up into the sky. When Yasuko sees her grandfather’s drawings, she begins to appreciate the scale of this incredible natural occurrence. For the first time, she realises that she has witnessed nothing less than the birth of a new mountain. In her film, Alison Reiko Loader employs a mixture of 3-D computer animation, documentary archive footage and pen-and-ink drawings.

Canada 2003, 13 min


Alison Reiko Loader



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