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La face cachée de la lune

Far Side Of The Moon

Robert Lepage (Director)

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Before Galileo, people used to believe that the moon was a mirror in which the earth was reflected. Much later, in the twentieth century, a Soviet satellite orbited the moon. The pictures brought back to earth revealed a cratered surface devastated by meteors and space storms. A vast expanse of celestial debris. For years, American scientists would refer to this part of the moon as the “disfigured” side. However, another reason for this could well have been the fact that the moon’s craters and seas all bore the names of Soviet cosmonauts, scientists and inventors.
In Robert Lepage’s stage play and film, the cosmonautic race between two competing countries and ideologies is reduced to the conflict between two brothers. Philip, the older of the two, is a thinker and a great admirer of the Russian scientist Constantin Tsiolkovsky; his more superficial brother, André, works for television as a weather forecaster. After their mother, who suffered from a kidney disease, commits suicide, the brothers are forced to make contact once more.
In his film journey into other worlds, Robert Lepage draws a parallel between the brothers’ memories of their childhood and youth and the various stages of interstellar conflict between Soviets and Americans. He also broaches the big question: are we alone in the universe?

Canada 2003, 105 min


Robert Lepage


Robert Lepage
Anne-Marie Cadieux
Marco Poulin
Céline Bonnier

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