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The Missing

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New Mexico in 1885. Maggie Gilkeson runs a small farm near the Mexican border with her daughters Lilly and Dot and her partner, Brake. The proceeds from the farm are pretty modest and so Maggie earns a little on the side as a healer. One day, an old Indian appears at her door; the man turns out to be her own father. Twenty years previously, Samuel Jones left his family in order to go and live with the Apaches. Furious, Maggie tells him to leave.
Then, one day, the farm is attacked by a gang of marauders – whites and Indians. Goaded by Pesh-Chidin, a pychopathic killer with mystical powers, the gang murder Brake and abduct Lilly with the aim of selling her into prostitution in Mexico along with other teenage girls.
When both the Sheriff and the cavalry refuse to come to her aid, a desperate Maggie turns to her father. Samuel Jones, who is an excellent tracker, joins Maggie and her younger daughter, Dot, in pursuit of the murdering desperados. There’s no time to lose because they must catch up with the abductors before they cross the border . . .
Ron Howard: “The Missing features flawed men and women, who demonstrate enormous courage when they are confronted by an unspeakable horror. It’s a story of healing and reconciliation that also has the twists and turns of a thriller.“

USA 2003, 137 min


Ron Howard


Tommy Lee Jones
Cate Blanchett
Evan Rachel Wood
Jenna Boyd

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