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Die Nacht singt ihre Lieder


Romuald Karmakar (Director & Producer)
Anne Ratte-Polle (Actress)
Frank Giering (Actor)
Sebastian Schipper (Actor)
Manfred Zapatka (Actor)
Jon Fosse (Playwright)
Host: Josef Schnelle

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A young couple in a big city. She is full of life and joie de vivre. All she wants is to be happy and have some fun. He is the father of their child. A writer, whose life has ground to a halt. Nobody wants to print his work; his hope of artistic success dwindles with every letter of rejection. He spends all day on the sofa, reading.
The young woman won’t let go; she wants more out of life. She encourages and cajoles him and tries to break out of the confines of her daily routine. Her parents-in-law announce their visit. They want to see their grandchild. And then they leave again, just as quickly as they appeared.
Partly because she is at a loss, but partly out of protest, the young woman spends the night roaming the city’s hotspots. She dances, flirts and has a good time. Everything she does barely conceals her desire for something more, something authentic and secure; for love, perhaps for security. She goes home again. Nothing has changed. And yet, everything is quite different. The night sings its own songs . . .
“This film is about a love that is no longer fulfilled; it is also about the absence of hope.” Romuald Karmakar.

Germany 2003, 95 min


Romuald Karmakar


Frank Giering
Anne Ratte-Polle
Manfred Zapatka
Marthe Kel ler
Sebastian Schippel

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