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Feb 11, 2003:
-Freedom2speak- Press Release Correction

The Berlin International Film Festival have given ‘freedom2speak’ the opportunity to set up a ‘Speakers Corner’ in the movie theatre CinemaxX. At the ‘Speakers Corner’ festival visitors may express their opinions about the imminent war on Iraq. Presentations from speakers will be filmed by a ‘freedom2speak’ camera-team. No further agreements have been made between the Berlinale and ‘freedom2speak’.

Contrary to ‘freedom2speak’s’ February 9, 2003 press release, the Festival can not screen the ‘Speakers Corner’ trailer before Berlinale films. Generally, without exception the Festival shows only the official Berlinale Trailer before the screening of a film. This position is adhered to irrespective of a trailer’s content.

Dieter Kosslick: ‘The Berlinale considers itself a platform for political discussion, this year’s motto – ‘towards tolerance’ – further highlights this position. Within the Berlinale Programme there are numerous films that contribute to social and political discussion. Along side this, there are other festival events which address both aesthetic and ideological themes.’

February 11, 2003