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Jan 15, 2002:
Art college students create trophy for PREMIERE First Movie Award

The decision for the design of the trophy for the PREMIERE First Movie Award has been made. The winning design of the competition, in which students from all of Germany's art colleges were invited to participate, was created by Felix Winkler and Hendrik Schäfer. Both have been studying Product Lay-Out at the Offenbach Art College since 1997. The decisive factor for the jury's vote was the modern and complex approach their submission offered. Its abstract design made out of stainless steel and acrylic glass allows several cineastic interpretations. As prize money both have received 2,500 EUR.

The jury of four, consisting of Cornelia Büschbell (artist), Michael Hauffen (art critic), Tom Blieninger (chief editor of Blickpunkt:Film) and Zeljko Karajica (Head of Creative Services at PREMIERE WORLD and member of the board of Eyes & Ears), selected the two artist's proposal out of over 30 submissions.

Hans Seger, Chief Product Officer at PREMIERE WORLD: "The PREMIERE First Movie Award is in every respect a prize for up and coming talents. Since we are the German television station with the biggest feature film selection, we are very interested in a long term promotion of the new film generation, both nationally and internationally. By inviting German art colleges to submit designs for the trophy, we have consequently further expanded the idea of talent promotion into the area of fine arts".

The PREMIERE First Movie Award will be presented for the first time at the 52nd Berlin International Film Festival. A jury of five, consisting of renowned international members, will award the prize for the best debut film. In the competition for the talent award are submissions from the sections Competition, Forum, Panorama, German Cinema Perspective and Children's Films.

January 15, 2002