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Press Releases 2002

European Film Market & Co-Production Market

Jan 18, 2002:
Rotterdam’s CineMart and Berlin’s European Film Market Collaborate

The International Film Festival Rotterdam (January 23 - February 3, 2002) and the Berlin International Film Festival are to cooperate in the ‘Rotterdam-Berlinale Express’. Six CineMart 2002-projects (selected from the forty-three presented in Rotterdam) will be presented on Monday February 11, 2002 at 10.00 am at the European Film Market of the 52nd Berlin International Film Festival. The six chosen projects in the first ‘Rotterdam-Berlinale Express’ will be announced during the CineMart 2002 Closing Party on Wednesday January 30, 2002 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Both the International Film Festival Rotterdam’s co-directors Simon Field and Sandra den Hamer and the Berlin International Film Festival’s director Dieter Kosslick as well as the European Film Market’s director Beki Probst regard the Rotterdam-Berlinale Express as the first step towards further collaboration.

IFFR-co-directors Simon Field and Sandra den Hamer: “Rotterdam has always sought to extend its festival partnerships in order to widen the support for and profile of Cinemart Projects. Thus, our existing collaborations with Pusan, Buenos Aires, Tokyo, the IFP and Sithengi. We are very excited about the opportunities for producers and film-makers that are opened up by this stimulating new partnership.”

Berlinale director Dieter Kosslick: "The networking of festivals has never been more important than today. Our cooperation emphasizes the relevance of international and intercultural co-productions for the independent film community. And it’s great to have the CineMart participating at our festival this year."

The presentation at the European Film Market of the 52nd Berlin International Film Festival will be followed by individual meetings. Requests for meetings may be e-mailed to

The Rotterdam-Berlinale Express will conclude with a reception, hosted by the Berlinale, European Film Promotion/Shooting Stars and the CineMart.

For the upcoming 19th edition of CineMart, Rotterdam’s co-production market, a total of 43 new film projects have been selected for presentation to potential co-producers, TV-stations, distributors, financiers, sales agents and funding bodies. CineMart takes place during the Rotterdam festival from Sunday January 27 till Thursday January 31, 2002.

18 January 2002