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Press Releases 2002


Jan 18, 2002:
Anniversary Programme for the 25th Kinderfilmfest of the 52nd Berlinale 2002

At 3 p.m. on 7 February 2002, the actress Eva Mattes will open the anniversary festival at the Zoo Palast. Eleven full-length features and fourteen short films will compete for the Crystal Bears. In addition to the titles already announced, six feature films and one short film will complete the programme. Denmark`s strong presence is especially noteworthy. It will be represented by three productions:

Klatretøsen (Catch that Girl) is an astonishing debut. Hans Fabian Wullenweber has created a sophisticated action film for children, in which he presents a girl with an extraordinary hobby: thirteen-year-old Ida`s passion is free climbing. She uses her incredible skills and courage to carry out a bank robbery B for she hopes her haul will enable her to save her father`s life.

Tomas Villum Jensen, known for his performances as an actor in Danish film productions, proves with Min søsters børn (My Sister`s Kids) that he is also a talented director. Jensen has created a superb remake of the 60s` original: a warmhearted comedy in which Peter Gantzler known for his role in the Danish film Italiensk for Begyndere (Italian for Beginners) B plays a rather awkward child psychologist.

In Send mere Slik (Send More Candy) by Cæcilia Holbek Trier, two spoiled city kids are sent off to relatives in the country. The director portrays a tender encounter between generations. Per Oscarsson (Kan du vissla Johanna/ Wanted: Grandfather, prizewinner Kinderfilmfest 1997) plays the stubborn grandpa.

Choori (Chick) features a five-year-old who is already quite a personality. With her grandfathers support, the little girl fights to help her hurt chick. In his first feature film, director Javad Ardakani impressively illustrates what values have been lost by adults. And he succeeds in conveying the sounds and colors of Iranian culture.

Virginia`s Run revolves around a suspenseful family drama. In Peter Markle`s film, a strong girl is the central figure. Virginia helps to give birth to a colt and as we find out, she is in many ways more resolute than her older sister and more decisive than her anxious father (Gabriel Byrne).

Regína (Regina) is a colorful musical from Iceland. María Sigurdarsdóttir blends flamenco with samba rhythms and B to our great entertainment B boldly presents quite garish figures.

An extraordinary film is List (The Letter) by Denijal Hasanovic from Bosnia-Herzegovina. In his graduation film, he takes a close look at a forgotten scene of war, and at a ten-year-old child who has not given up hope despite all his deeply upsetting experiences. This film is being screened out of competition.

Nine animated films will be presented in two blocks. Experienced artists of this category, such as Dave Unwin (War Game), Lennart and Ylva-Li Gustafsson (Bulten söker en kompis / A Friend for Bolt), Johann Hagelbäck (Göken Ulla / Ulla the Cockoo) and Christina Schindler (Anders-Artig / Other-Wise), address serious as well as absurd themes with great imagination.

Five short films give insight into moments in the lives of children who live in Israel, Australia, Norway, Belgium and Germany. The directors give their viewers an insight into these worlds.

All the debut films premiering during the Kinderfilmfest will also be considered for the PREMIERE First Movie Awards.

Thanks to the support of Disney Channel which is a partner of the Kinderfilmfest for the first time more young actors and actresses from different countries will have the opportunity to attend the festival, including nine-year-old Nabil Mehta, from A Passage to Ottawa, eleven-year-old Sigurbjörg Alma Ingólfsdóttir from Reykjavik and five-year-old Sara Bonyas from Teheran.

18 January 2002