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Jan 29, 2002:
Special Screenings in the Official Program

Within the scope of the Official Programme of the 52nd Berlinale 2002, six special screenings will be presented out of competition at CinemaxX 4. They include five documentaries and one fictional film.

The elaborate documentary Le Peuple Migrateur (The Traveling Birds) by director Jacques Perrin depicts the migration of wild birds. Flocks of birds take the viewer from one station to the next, to regions near and far. Through both formation and solo flights, the viewer discovers a bird's-eye view of the world. The cinema resurrects man's ancient dream of flight. And Jacques Perrin is not an unknown: in 1996 he left a lasting impression with his outstanding, prize-winning documentary Microcosmos.

The Italian documentary Un mondo diverso è possibile (Another World is Possible) about the events surrounding the G-8 summit in Genoa in July 2001 is being presented by the Initiative Friedensfilmpreis (Peace Screen Award Initiative). A large number of Italian filmmakers contributed to the work, including Damiano Damiani, Citto Maselli, Mario Monicelli, and many others.

In the documentary Uncle Frank, American TV-journalist Matthew Ginsberg accompanies his 85-year-old great-uncle on his tours as a "rock star" through old people's homes in New York.

To complement the presentation of the restored version of The Great Dictator in the Berlinale Palast, the documentary The Tramp and the Dictator will be screened in CinemaxX 4. This remarkable film about the making of The Great Dictator casts a new light on Chaplin's immortal comedy.

The documentary Bellaria - solange wir leben! is a filmic voyage of discovery created by German filmmaker Douglas Wolfsperger. He takes us to Bellaria, a small Viennese repertory cinema, where a sworn crowd of old film enthusiasts experience their cinema seats as time machines in which they can relive their youths.

In honor of Jury President Mira Nair, the Berlinale will present her most recent film: Monsoon Wedding. It won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival in 2001

29 January 2002