Berlinale: Programme

Programme 1998


by Nils Malmros, Denmark / Sweden
Central do Brasil | Central Station
by Walter Salles, Brazil / France
Cinema Alcazar
by Florence Jaugey, Nicaragua
Das Mambospiel | The Big Mambo
by Michael Gwisdek, Germany
Die shuang fei | Butterfly Flying
by Mu Duo,Wu Yunchu, People's Republic of China
Ein gleiches
by Riki Kalbe,Barbara Kasper, Germany
Einschub in den Bericht des Politbüros | Addendum To The Politbuero Report
by Gunther Scholz, Germany
Fang lang | Sweet Degeneration
by Lin Cheng-sheng, Taiwan / Japan
Girls' Night
by Nick Hurran, United Kingdom / USA
Good Will Hunting
by Gus Van Sant, USA
Il testimone dello sposo | The Best Man | Der Trauzeuge
by Pupi Avati, Italy
I Move So I Am
by Gerrit van Dijk, Netherlands
I Want You
by Michael Winterbottom, United Kingdom
Jackie Brown
by Quentin Tarantino, USA
Jeanne et le garcon formidable | The Perfect Guy | Jeanne und der coole Typ
by Olivier Ducastel,J.Martineau, France
La mirada del otro | The Naked Eye | Der Blick des Anderen
by Vicente Aranda, Spain
Left Luggage
by Jeroen Krabbé, Netherlands / Belgium
On connait la chanson | Same old Song
by Alain Resnais, France / Switzerland
O que te quero | How Do I Love Thee | Was ich von dir will
by Jeanne Waltz, Portugal
by Pepe Danquart, Germany
by Nobuhiko Obayashi, Japan
Schutotschnyj tanec | Comic Dance | Komischer Tanz
by Sergej Ainutdinov, Russian Federation
by Anja Breien, Norway
Strana gluchich | The Country Of Deaf | Das Land der Stille
by Valerij Todorowskij, Russian Federation
The Big Lebowski
by Joel Coen, USA
The Boxer | Der Boxer
by Jim Sheridan, Ireland / USA
The Boys | Die Boys
by Rowan Woods, Australia
The Butcher Boy | The Butcher Boy - Der Schlächterbursche
by Neil Jordan, Ireland
The Commissioner | Der Commissioner
by George Sluizer, Germany / Belgium
The Sound Of One Hand Clapping | Das Geräusch einer klatschenden Hand
by Richard Flanagan, Australia
Trop (peu) d'amour | Too Much (Little) Love | Viel (zuwenig) Liebe
by Jacques Doillon, France
Villamos | Tram | Straßenbahn
by Márton Nyitrai, Hungary
Wag the Dog | Wag The Dog
by Barry Levinson, USA
Xiu Xiu | Xiu Xiu The Sent-Down Girl
by Joan Chen, USA
Yue kuai le, yue duo luo | Hold You Tight
by Stanley Kwan, Hong Kong

Competition (out of competition)

Great Expectations | Große Erwartungen
by Alfonso Cuarón, USA
John Grisham's The Rainmaker | John Grisham's Der Regenmacher
by Francis Ford Coppola, USA
Mononoke hime | Princess Mononoke | Prinzessin Mononoke
by Hayao Miyazaki, Japan
The Gingerbread Man
by Robert Altman, USA


4:00 a.m. | Vier Uhr morgens
by Heesook Sohn, Germany
Abre los ojos | Open Your Eyes | Mach die Augen auf
by Alejandro Amenábar, Spain / France
African Violet
by Koto Bolofo, France
American International Pictures
by Vivian Ostrovsky, France / USA
Angel On My Shoulder | Ein Engel an meiner Seite
by Donna Deitch, USA
Ang lalaki sa buhay ni selya | The Man In Her Life | Der Mann in ihrem Leben
by Carlos Siguion-Reyna, Philippines
Ban sheng yuan | Eighteen Springs
by Ann Hui, Hong Kong
Blue Diary
by Jenni Olson, USA
by Genevieve Anderson, USA
Broken Goddess
by Dallas, USA
Carícies | Caresses | Liebkosungen
by Ventura Pons, Spain
Charlotte in Schweden
by J.E. Heys,M.F. Kuntzel, Germany
Cuba 15
by Elizabeth Schub, USA
Darb al tabanat | The Milky Way | Die Milchstrasse
by Ali Nassar, Israel
Das Frankfurter Kreuz | Frankfurt Millenium
by Romuald Karmakar, Germany / France
Der Staub der Stadt | The Dust Of The City
by Heike Ollertz, Germany
De suikerpot | The Sugar Bowl | Die Zuckerdose
by Hilde Van Mieghem, Belgium
Didn't Do It For Love
by Monika Treut, Germany
by Bruce Sweeney, Canada
Escrito en el agua | Ever Changing Waters | Aufs Wasser geschrieben
by Marcos Loayza, Argentina
by Peter Jürgensmeier, Germany
Fintar o destino | Dribbling Fate | Gegen das Schicksal
by Fernando Vendrell, Portugal / France
Guerra de Canudos | The Battle Of Canudos | Der Krieg von Canudos
by Sergio Rezende, Brazil
Guy Maddin: Waiting For Twilight
by Noam Gonick, Canada
by Simcha Jacobovici, Canada / United Kingdom
Hundert Jahre Brecht | Brecht - 100 Years
by Ottokar Runze, Germany
Hustler For Life: Allen Ginsberg | Ginsberg: Politik,Religion,Musik,Protest,Liebe
by Peter Sempel, Germany
Isa,poeg ja püha toorum | Father,Son And Holy Torum | Vater,Sohn und heiliger Torum
by Mark Soosaar, Estonia / United Kingdom
I Think I Do | I think I do
by Brian Sloan, USA
I Was A Male Yvonne De Carlo For The Lucky Landlord..... | .....Underground
by Jack Smith, USA
Je ne vois pas ce qu'on me trouve | What's So Funny About Me
by Christian Vincent, France
Keep In A Dry Place And Away From Children
by Martin Davies,Andy Brown, United Kingdom
Kichiku dai enkai | Kichiku
by Kazuyoshi Kumakiri, Japan
Knutschen kuscheln jubilieren | Kiss Cuddle Celebrate
by Peter Kern, Germany
La pistola de mi hermano | My Brother's Gun | Die Pistole meines Bruders
by Ray Loriga, Spain
Le gone du chaâba | The Kid From Chaâba | Der Bengel aus der Chaâba
by Christophe Ruggia, France
L'honneur de ma famille | My Family's Honour | Die Ehre meiner Familie
by Rachid Bouchareb, France
Lichter aus dem Hintergrund
by Helga Reidemeister, Germany
Life During Wartime
by Evan Dunsky, USA
Life,Love & Celluloid - A Journey And A Film Retrospective | Life,Love & Celluloid - Notizen zu einer Filmretrospektive
by Juliane Lorenz, Germany
Lou Reed: Rock And Roll Heart
by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, USA
Midnight in Cuba - Media noche en Cuba | Midnight in Cuba
by Dimitri Falk, USA
Milice, film noir
by Alain Ferrari, France
My Own Obsession
by Garine Torossian, Canada
by Ivana Massetti, France
Neue Freiheit keine Jobs | Hick's Dream
by Herbert Achternbusch, Germany
No President
by Jack Smith, USA
O pulso | Pulse | Puls
by José Pedro Goulart, Brazil
by Isabel Hegner, USA / Switzerland
Perlur og svín | Pearls And Swine | Perlen und Schweine
by Óskar Jónasson, Iceland / Denmark
Petits désordres amoureux | Love Tangles | Liebespanne
by Olivier Péray, France / Switzerland
Polish Wedding | Polnische Hochzeit
by Theresa Connelly, USA
(Po)radanje jedne nacije | Delivery Of A Nation
by Momir Matovic, Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
Rakka suru yugata | Falling Into The Evening
by Naoe Gozu, Japan
Repetition Compulsion
by Ellie Lee, USA
Retro vtroem | The Lover For Three Again | Liebe zu dritt
by Petr Todorovskij, Russian Federation
Sabor a mi | Savour Me
by Claudia Morgado Escanilla, Canada
San Bu In Gwa | Push! Push!
by Park Chul-Soo, Republic of Korea (South Korea)
Sa pusod ng dagat | In The Navel Of The Sea | Am Nabel der See
by Marilou Diaz-Abaya, Philippines
Schwarzes Wasser | Black Water
by Nathalie Percillier, Germany
Sex/Life In L.A.
by Jochen Hick, Germany
by Maximilian von Moll, Germany
Sour Juice
by Shoshanah Oppenheim, USA
St. Pelagius The Penitent
by Jewels Barker, United Kingdom
Straßensperre | Road Block
by Carsten Fiebeler, Germany
by Chris Newby, United Kingdom
by Amos Kollek, USA
Tábor padlych zien | The Camp Of Fallen Women | Das Lager der gefallenen Frauen
by Laco Halama, Slovakian Republic / Germany
Tabu V - wovon man nicht sprechen kann
by Michael Brynntrup, Germany
Tango je tuzna misao koja se plese | Tango Is A Sad Dancing Thought | Tango ist ein trauriger Gedanke, den man tanzen kann
by Purisa Djordjevic, Serbia
Techno And The KGB
by Peter Skuts, USA / Hungary
The 92 Minutes Of Mr.Baum
by Assi Dayan, Israel
The Brandon Teena Story
by Susan Muska,Gréta Ólafsdottir, USA
The Dybbuk Of The Holy Apple Field
by Yossi Somer, Israel / Switzerland
The Land Girls
by David Leland, United Kingdom / France
Toto' che visse due volte | Toto' Who Lived Twice | Toto' der zweimal lebte
by Daniele Cipri, Franco Maresco, Italy
by Piet Kroon, United Kingdom / Netherlands
Trouble on the Corner
by Alan Madison, USA
Twilight Of The Ice Nymphs | Dämmerung der Eisnymphen
by Guy Maddin, Canada
Un crisantemo estalla en cincoesquinas | A Chrysanthemum Bursts In Cincoesquinas | Eine Chrsantheme explodiert in Cincoesquinas
by Daniel Sandro Burman, Argentina / France
by John Greyson, Canada
Und Gott erschuf das Make-Up | And God Created Make-Up
by Lothar Lambert, Germany
Unternehmen Arschmaschine | The Assmachine Enterprise
by Mara Mattuschka,G.Szekatsch, Austria
Uostas | Harbour
by Audrius Stonys, Lithuania
by Pratibha Parmar, United Kingdom
Ya pian zhan zheng | The Opium War | Der Opiumkrieg
by Xie Jin, People's Republic of China


Abstich | Tapping
by J. Tschirner, B.Drachsel, Germany
A Letter Without Words
by Lisa Lewenz, USA
A Place Called Chiapas
by Nettie Wild, Canada
by Yoon In-Ho, Republic of Korea (South Korea)
Bergmans Röst | The Voice Of Bergman | Bergmans Stimme
by Gunnar Bergdahl, Sweden
Bertolt Brecht - Liebe,Revolution und andere gefährliche... | Bertolt Brecht - Love,Revolution And Other Dangerous Things | ...Sachen
by Jutta Brückner, Germany
Blood Guts Bullets & Octane
by Joe Carnahan, USA
Blood Money: Switzerland's Nazi Gold
by Stephen Crisman, USA
Blue Fish
by Yosuke Nakagawa, Japan
Burma Diary
by Jeanne Hallacy, Netherlands
Byunbang-eso joongsim-urö | On-Line: An Inside View Of Korean Independent Film
by Hong Hyung-Sook, Republic of Korea (South Korea)
Cheob sok | Der Kontakt
by Jang Yoon-Huyn, Republic of Korea (South Korea)
Chung nyo | The Insect Woman | Die Insektenfrau
by Kim Ki-Young, Republic of Korea (South Korea)
Conceiving Ada | Leidenschaftliche Berechnung
by Lynn Hershman Leeson, USA
by Vincenzo Natali, Canada
Dahan | Crossfire | Kreuzfeuer
by Rituparno Ghosh, India
Das Haus des Meisters
by Naum Kleemann u.a., Germany / Russian Federation
Das Jahr nach Dayton - 1. Teil | The Year After Dayton - Part 1
by Nikolaus Geyrhalter, Austria
Das Jahr nach Dayton - Teil 2 | The Year after Dayton - Part 2
by Nikolaus Geyrhalter, Austria
De l'autre cote du periph | The Other Side Of The Ring Road | Jenseits des Stadtrings
by Bertrand&Nils Tavernier, France
Demain et encore demain / Journal 1995 | Tomorrow And Again Tomorrow / Journal 1995 | Morgen und wieder morgen / Journal 1995
by Dominique Cabrera, France
Die verschiedenen Gesichter des Sergej Eisenstein | The Different Faces Of Sergej Eisenstein
by Dietmar Hochmuth, Germany
Divine Carcasse | Divine Body | Himmlisches Wrack
by Dominique Loreau, Belgium / Benin
Faire-Part - Musee Henri Langlois - Cinematheque Francaise
by Jean Rouch, France
Falling Down Stairs
by Barbara Willis, Canada
Four Corners
by James Benning, USA
Frogs For Snakes
by Amos Poe, USA
Grüningers Fall | Grüninger's Trial
by Richard Dindo, Switzerland
Guo dao feng bi | Wolves Cry Under The Moon | Wölfe heulen unter dem Mond
by Ho Ping, Taiwan
Hanyo | The Housemaid
by Kim Ki-Young, Republic of Korea (South Korea)
Hanyo '82 | The Woman Of Fire '82
by Kim Ki-Young, Republic of Korea (South Korea)
Hou Hsiao-Hsien hua hsiang | Portrait Of Hou Hsiao-Hsien
by Olivier Assayas, Taiwan / France
Invierno mala vida | Winterland
by Gregorio Cramer, Argentina / France
by Kim Ki-Young, Republic of Korea (South Korea)
Journal de rivesaltes 1941-42
by Jacqueline Veuve, Switzerland
Junk Food
by Masashi Yamamoto, Japan
Kasaba | The Small Town | Die Kleinstadt
by Nuri Bilge Ceylan, Turkey
Kisangani Diary
by Hubert Sauper, France / Austria
Leven met je ogen | Living With Your Eyes | Leben mit deinen Augen
by Ramon Gieling, Netherlands
Ma wing jing | Hero
by Corey Yuen, Hong Kong / People's Republic of China
Meili de hunpo | Neon Goddesses
by Yu Lik Wai, Hong Kong / People's Republic of China
Mes entretiens filmés | My Filmed Conversations | Meine gefilmten Gespräche
by Boris Lehman, Belgium
by Edgar Honetschläger, Austria
by Iara Lee, USA
Motel Cactus
by Park Ki-yong, Republic of Korea (South Korea)
Münchner Freiheit
by Harald Rumpf, Germany
Nachrichten aus dem Untergrund
by Andreas Hoessli, Switzerland
Nadya's Village
by Seiichi Motohashi, Japan
Na-pun-young-hwa | Timeless Bottomless Bad Movie
by Jang Sun-Woo, Republic of Korea (South Korea)
Nazen moksori | The Murmuring | Leise Stimmen
by Byun Young-Joo, Republic of Korea (South Korea)
Nazen moksori 2 | Leise Stimmen 2
by Byun Young-Joo, Republic of Korea (South Korea)
Ola ine dromos | It's A Long Road | Es ist ein langer Weg
by Pantelis Voulgaris, Greece
Once Upon A Time In China And America
by Sammo Hung, Hong Kong / People's Republic of China
Perfect Blue
by Satoshi Kon, Japan
Pyongyang Diaries
by Solrun Hoaas, Australia
Radio no jikan | Welcome Back Mr. McDonald
by Koki Mitani, Japan
by Chon Sung-Bong, Republic of Korea (South Korea)
Sergeij Eisenstein: mexikanskaja fantasija
by Oleg Kowalow, Russian Federation
Shalosh ahayot | Three Sisters | Drei Schwestern
by Tsipi Reibenbach, Israel
Shivrei tmunot Yerusalaim | Fragments * Jerusalem
by Ron Havilio, Israel
Six Gestures
by Patricia Rozema, USA
by Garret Williams, USA
Struggle For Hope
by Niv Fichman, Canada
Sweet Sarabande
by Atom Egoyan, Canada
Tano da morire | To Die For Tano | Für Tano sterben
by Roberta Torre, Italy
The Big One
by Michael Moore, USA
The Music Garden
by Kevin McMahon, Canada
The Six Day Fight In Myong Dong Cathedral
by Kim Dong-Won, Republic of Korea (South Korea)
The Sound Of The Carceri
by Francois Girard, Canada
by David Williams, USA
Tigerstreifenbaby wartet auf Tarzan | Tiger-stripe Woman Waits For Tarzan
by Rudolf Thome, Germany
Tokyo yakyoku | Tokyo Lullaby
by Jun Ichikawa, Japan
To Sang Fotostudio
by Johan van der Keuken, Netherlands
Unlucky Monkey
by Sabu, Japan
Wang hsiang | Homesick Eyes
by Hsu Hsiao-ming, Taiwan
War Zone
by Maggie Hadleigh-West, USA
W toj stranje | In That Land | In jenem Land
by Lidija Bobrowa, Russian Federation
Xiao wu
by Jia Zhang Ke, People's Republic of China / Hong Kong

Kinderfilmfest / 14plus

Den hellige finger | The Holy Finger | Der heilige Finger
by Øivind S. Jorfald, Norway
Der Nachtkrapp | The Nightfright
by Heidi Kull, Germany
Dobranocka | Good Night Story | Gute Nacht
by Daniel Szczechura, Poland
Haenderne op | Hands Up | Hände hoch
by Morten Henriksen, Denmark
Jeden dzien z zycia kukulki zegarowej | One Day In The Life Of A Clock-Cuckoo | Ein Tag im Leben eines Kuckucks in der Uhr
by Longin Szmyd, Poland
Kalle Blomkvist och Rasmus | The Master Detectives And Rasmus | Kalle Blomquist und Rasmus
by Göran Carmback, Sweden
by Nicholas Kendall, Canada / Germany
Kisten | The Chest | Die Kiste
by Jan Konings, Norway
Ms. Bear
by Paul Ziller, Canada / Germany
Nar mor kommer hjem... | On Our Own... | Wenn Mama nach Hause kommt...
by Lone Scherfig, Denmark
by Jonas Odell, Stig Bergqvist, Sweden
Puppies For Sale | Junge Hunde zu verkaufen
by Ron Krauss, USA
Rant | Ray und Lalo, zwei Ameisen in Action
by Mary Siceloff, USA
Razgovor s ptizzi | Talking With Birds | Mit den Vögeln sprechen
by Roumiana Petkova, Bulgaria / Russian Federation
Ringo-no usagi | Apple Rabbit Ears | Karnickelohren
by Koji Kobayashi, Japan
Samb et le commissaire | Samb And The Superintendent | Samb und der Kommissar
by Olivier Sillig, Switzerland
Sanning eller konsekvens | Truth Or Dare | Ich hätte nein sagen können
by Christina Olofson, Sweden
The Climb | Dannys Mutprobe
by Bob Swaim, France / New Zealand
When The Dust Settles | Nach dem Sturm
by Louise Johnson, Canada
Where The Elephant Sits | Wo der Elefant sitzt
by Mark Lowenthal, USA


by Robert Siodmak, Germany (through 1945)
Aloma Of The South Seas
by Alfred Santell, USA
Beast With Five Fingers
by Robert Florey, USA
Berlin Express
by Jaques Tourneur, USA
Black Friday
by Arthur Lubin, USA
Brennendes Geheimnis
by Robert Siodmak, Germany (through 1945)
Cargaison blanche / le chemin de Rio
by Robert Siodmak, France
Christmas Holiday
by Robert Siodmak, USA
Cobra Woman
by Robert Siodmak, USA
Criss Cross
by Robert Siodmak, USA
Cry Of The City
by Robert Siodmak, USA
Curucu, Beast Of The Amazon
by Curt Siodmak, USA
Custer Of The West / A Good Day For Fighting | Custer Of The West
by Robert Siodmak, USA
Das Feuerschiff
by Ladislao Vajda, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949)
by Robert Siodmak, USA
Der Schatz der Azteken
by Robert Siodmak, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949) / France
Die Ratten
by Robert Siodmak, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949)
Donovan's Brain | Donovans Hirn
by Felix Feist, USA
Dorothea Angermann
by Robert Siodmak, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949)
Escape From East-Berlin
by Robert Siodmak, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949) / USA
by Robert Siodmak, USA
Fragment "Stürme der Leidenschaft"
by Robert Siodmak, Germany (through 1945)
Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man
by Roy William Neill, USA
Hauser's Memory
by Boris Sagal, USA
Her Jungle Love
by George Archimbaud, USA
Ins Blaue hinein
by Eugen Schüfftan, Germany (through 1945)
I Walked With A Zombie
by Jacques Tourneur, USA
Jim, der Mann mit der Narbe | gekürzt.Vers.von:Der Mann, der seinen Mörder sucht
by Robert Siodmak, Germany (through 1945)
Katia | Katja, die ungekrönte Kaiserin
by Robert Siodmak, France
La Crise est finie!
by Robert Siodmak, France
L'affaire Nina B. | Affaire Nina B.
by Robert Siodmak, France
La Vie Parisienne
by Robert Siodmak, France
Le grand jeu
by Robert Siodmak, France / Italy
Le sexe faible
by Robert Siodmak, France
Louisiana Story
by Robert Flaherty, USA
Love Slaves Of The Amazon
by Curt Siodmak, USA
Mein Schulfreund
by Robert Siodmak, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949)
Mein Vater, der Schauspieler
by Robert Siodmak, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949)
Menschen am Sonntag
by Robert Siodmak, Germany (through 1945)
Mister Flow / Les amants traqués | Mister Flow
by Robert Siodmak, France
Mollenard / Capitaine corsaire
by Robert Siodmak, France
My Heart Belongs To Daddy
by Robert Siodmak, USA
Nachts, wenn der Teufel kam
by Robert Siodmak, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949)
Operation Eel
by Robert Siodmak, United Kingdom
Operation Flint Axe
by Robert Siodmak, United Kingdom
Operation Foulball
by Robert Siodmak, United Kingdom
Operation Powder Puff
by Robert Siodmak, United Kingdom
Phantom Lady
by Robert Siodmak, USA
by Robert Siodmak, France
Quick - König der Clowns
by Robert Siodmak, Germany (through 1945)
Riders To The Stars
by Richard Carlson, USA
Shady Lady
by George Waggner, USA
Someone To Remember
by Robert Siodmak, USA
Son Of Dracula
by Robert Siodmak, USA
Stürme der Leidenschaft
by Robert Siodmak, Germany (through 1945)
The Climax
by George Waggner, USA
The Creature With The Atom Brain
by Edward L.Cahn, USA
The Crimson Pirate | Der scharlachrote Pirat
by Robert Siodmak, USA
The Dark Mirror
by Robert Siodmak, USA
The File on Thelma Jordan | The File On Thelma Jordan | Thelma Jordan
by Robert Siodmak, USA
The Great Sinner
by Robert Siodmak, USA
The Invisible Agent | Der unsichtbare Agent
by Edwin L. Marin, USA
The Killers
by Robert Siodmak, USA
The Lady And The Monster
by George Sherman, USA
The Magnetic Monster
by Curt Siodmak, USA
The Night Before The Divorce
by Robert Siodmak, USA
The Rough And The Smooth
by Robert Siodmak, United Kingdom
The Spiral Staircase
by Robert Siodmak, USA
The Strange Affair Of Uncle Harry
by Robert Siodmak, USA
The Suspect
by Robert Siodmak, USA
The Tunnel
by Maurice Elvey, United Kingdom
The Whistle At Eaton Falls
by Robert Siodmak, USA
The Wolf Man | Der Wolfsmensch
by George Waggner, USA
Time Out Of Mind
by Robert Siodmak, USA
Tumultes | frz.Fassg. von Stürme der Leidenschaft
by Robert Siodmak, France
by Robert Wiene, Robert Siodmak, France
by Robert Siodmak, Germany (through 1945)
West Point Widow
by Robert Siodmak, USA

Cinema Italia

Albergo Roma
by Ugo Chiti, Italy
Cinque giorni di tempesta | Fünf stürmische Tage
by Francesco Calogero, Italy
Compagna di viaggo | Reisefährtin
by Peter Del Monte, Italy
Consigli per gli aquisti | Satisfaction Or Your Money Back | Einkaufstips
by Sandro Baldoni, Italy
Cresceranno i carciofi a mimongo | Growing Artichokes in Mimongo | Die Artischocken in Mimongo werden wachsen
by Fulvio Ottaviano, Italy
Il bagno turco - Hamam | The Turkish Bath - Hamam | Das türkische Bad Hamam
by Ferzan Ozpetek, Italy / Turkey
Il caricatore | Die Filmrolle
by Cappuccio, Nunziata, Gaudioso, Italy
Il Carniere | The Gamebag | Die Jagdtasche
by Maurizio Zaccaro, Italy
Il figlio de Bakunin | Der Sohn vom Bakunin
by Gianfranco Cabiddu, Italy
Il Principe di Homburg | The Prince Of Homburg
by Marco Bellochio, Italy
La mia generazione
by Wilma Labate, Italy
La tregua | The Truce | Die Atempause
by Francesco Rosi, Italy / France
Le acrobate | The Acrobats | Akrobatinnen
by Silvio Soldini, Italy
Le mani forti | The Grey Zone | Einkaufstips
by Franco Bernini, Italy
by Giulio Base, Italy
Luna e l'altra | Luna und die Andere
by Maurizio Nichetti, Italy
Nel profundo paese straniero | Tief im fremden Land
by Fabio Carpi, France
Palermo Milano solo andata | Palermo/Milano einfache Fahrt
by Claudio Fragasso, Italy
Passaggio per il paradiso | Mitfahrt zum Paradies
by Antonio Baiocco, Italy
by Renzo Martinelli, Italy
Tre uomini e una gamba | Drei Männer und ein Bein
by Aldo, Giovanni, Giacomo, Italy
Tutti giu per terra | We All Fall Down | Kinderreim
by Davide Ferrario, Italy