Berlinale: Programme

Programme 1997


Äventyrspizza | Adventure Pizza
by Eva Lindström, Sweden
Das Leben ist eine Baustelle | Life Is All You Get
by Wolfgang Becker, Germany
Du zéro des arènes | Seduction
by Isabelle Faivre, France
Généalogies d'un crime | Genealogies Of A Crime | Genealogien eines Verbrechens
by Raoul Ruiz, France
Get on the Bus | Auf engstem Raum
by Spike Lee, USA
He Liu | The River | Der Fluß
by Tsai Ming-liang, Taiwan
Ikarosz | Ikaros
by Géza M.Tóth, Hungary
In Love and War
by Richard Attenborough, USA
Late At Night
by S.Saghri,S.Jordan,C.Zoller, Germany
Leneged Enayim Maaraviot | Under Western Eyes | Mit den Augen des Westens
by Joseph Pitchhadze, Israel
Lucie Aubrac
by Claude Berri, France
Mai fu | Surveillance | Überwachung
by Huang Jianxin,Yang Yazhou, People's Republic of China
by Raymond Depardon,Roger Ikhlef, France
Niti | The Strings | Fäden
by Ivan Maximov, Russian Federation
O que é isso, companheiro? | Four Days in September | Die Guerrilleros sind müde
by Bruno Barreto, Brazil
Panna nikt | Miss Nobody | Fräulein Niemand
by Andrzej Wajda, Poland / Germany
Port Djema
by Eric Heumann, France
by John Singleton, USA
Rusalka | The Mermaid | Die Nixe
by Aleksander Petrov, Russian Federation
Secretos del corazón | Secrets Of The Heart | Geheimnisse des Herzens
by Montxo Armendáriz, Spain / France
Senaste nytt | The Latest News
by Per Carleson, Sweden
Seqing nannu | Viva Erotica
by Derek Yee,Lo Chi Leung, Hong Kong
Setouchi Moonlight Serenade | Moonlight Serenade
by Masahiro Shinoda, Japan
Smilla's Sense Of Snow | Fräulein Smillas Gespür für Schnee
by Bille August, Germany
Territorio Comanche | Comanche Territory
by Gerardo Herrero, Spain / Germany
The Crucible | Hexenjagd
by Nicholas Hytner, USA
The English Patient | Der englische Patient
by Anthony Minghella, USA / United Kingdom
The Island On Bird Street | Die Insel in der Vogelstraße
by Soeren Kragh-Jacobsen, Denmark / United Kingdom
The People vs. Larry Flynt | Larry Flynt - Die nackte Wahrheit
by Milos Forman, USA
Tri istorii | Three Stories | Drei Geschichten
by Kira Muratova, Russian Federation / Ukraine
Twin Town
by Kevin Allen, United Kingdom
William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet | William Shakespeares Romeo & Julia
by Baz Luhrmann, USA
Wo ai chufang | Kitchen | Küche
by Yim Ho, Hong Kong
by S.Beaufoy,B.Eltringham, United Kingdom

Competition (out of competition)

Le comédien
by Christian de Chalonge, France
Le jour et la nuit | Day And Night | Der Tag und die Nacht
by Bernard-Henri Lévy, France / Canada
Mars Attacks!
by Tim Burton, USA
Mein Herz - niemandem! | My Heart Is Mine Alone
by Helma Sanders-Brahms, Germany

Competition (Special Screening)

Die Büchse der Pandora
by G.W. Pabst, Germany (through 1945)
Level Five
by Chris Marker, France
Vertigo | Vertigo - Aus dem Reich der Toten
by Alfred Hitchcock, USA


Abendbrot (Sometimes I Wish To Be Somewhere Else) | Dinnertime (manchmal wünscht ich woanders zu sein)
by Sören Voigt, Germany
A Bit of Scarlet
by Andrea Weiss, United Kingdom
Ah-kam | Stunt Woman
by Ann Hui, Hong Kong
All Over Me
by Alex Sichel, USA
Angustia | Anguish
by Claudia Morgado Escanilla, Canada
Another Goddamn Benefit
by Marc Huestis, USA
A Portrait Of A Lover As A Tired Man | Portrait eines müdem Liebhabers
by Miguel Barreda, Germany
Arresting Gena
by Hannah Weyer, USA
Asaltar los cielos | Storm The Skies | Sturm auf den Himmel
by J.L. López-Linares,J. Rioyo, Spain
by Jonah Kaplan, USA
Blond bis aufs Blut
by Lothar Lambert, Germany
Boot Camp
by John S. Matthews, USA
Brassed Off
by Mark Herman, United Kingdom
by Peter Strickland, United Kingdom
Chasing Amy
by Kevin Smith, USA
Chester,Jones ve'ani | Chester,Jones & I
by Aviv Ma'aravi, Israel
Chocolate Babies
by Stephen Winter, USA
Conversation With The Beast | Gespräch mit dem Biest
by Armin Mueller-Stahl, Germany
D.A.N.G.A.N Runner
by Sabu, Japan
Dans la décapotable
by Merzak Allouache, France
Denk ich an Deutschland - Das Wispern im Berg der Dinge | A Wispering In The Mountain Of Things
by Dominik Graf,Michael Althen, Germany
Der beste Film der Welt | The Best Film Of The World
by Anonymous, Germany
Der König der Froschschenkel | The King Of The Froglegs
by Wilhelm Hein, Germany
Der Unfisch | Unfish
by Robert Dornhelm, Austria
Die Langdon Connection | Langdon Connection
by Jörg Langkau, Germany
Diversions (4 shorts)
by Peggy Bruen, USA
Ein Shemot al hadlatot | No Names On The Doors | Die Türen haben keine Namensschilder
by Nadav Levitan, Israel
Familia | Family
by Fernando León de Aranoa, Spain
Franciska vasárnapjai | Every Sunday
by Sándor Simó, Hungary
Frantz Fanon: Black Skin White Mask
by Isaac Julien, United Kingdom
by Pierre Jolivet, France
Hak saeng boo geun shin wei | Farewell, My Darling
by Park Chul-Soo, Republic of Korea (South Korea)
Heldinnen der Liebe | Heroines Of Love
by N.Percillier, L.Besilly, Germany
Hide And Seek | Verstecken spielen
by Su Friedrich, USA
Imena | The Names
by Maxim Yacoubson, Russian Federation
I Was A Jewish Sex Worker
by Phillip B. Roth, USA
by Pratibha Parmar, United Kingdom
Juloratoriet | The Christmas Oratorio | Weihnachts Oratorium
by Kjell-Ake Andersson, Sweden
Jump The Gun
by Les Blair, South Africa / United Kingdom
Kavafis | Cavafy
by Iannis Smaragdis, Greece
La grande quercia | The Wild Oak
by Paolo Bianchini, Italy
Latin Boys Go To Hell
by Ela Troyano, Germany / Spain
Licensed To Kill
by Arthur Dong, USA
by Lawrence Johnston, Australia
Love etc.
by Marion Vernoux, France
Loverfilm | Loverfilm - Eine unkontrolierte Freisetzung von Information
by Michael Brynntrup, Germany
Manila By Night/City After Dark | Stadt nach Dunkelheit
by Ishmael Bernal, Philippines
by Manuel Poirier, France
Marvin's Room
by Jerry Zaks, USA
by Alexander Rösler, Norway / Denmark
by Baillie Walsh, France
Mutter und Sohn | Mother And Son
by Aleksandr Sokurov, Germany / Russian Federation
Naar de klote! | Wasted!
by Ian Kerkhof, Netherlands
Otcnebebis sasaplao | Graveyard Of Dreams | Friedhof der Träume
by Giorgi Chaindrawa, Georgia
by Juraj Herz, Czech Republic / France
Scream, Teen, Scream! | Scream, Teen, Scream
by Joshua Rosenzweig, USA
Set it off
by F. Gary Gray, USA
Shampoo Horns
by Manuel Toledano, Spain
Shooting The Breeze
by Christina Andreef, Australia
Sick: The Life And Death Of Bob Flanagan,Supermasochist
by Kirby Dick, USA
Slaves To The Underground
by Kristine Peterson, USA
Song jia huang chao | The Soong Sisters
by Cheung Yuen-Ting, Hong Kong
by Simone Horrocks, United Kingdom
Sreda | Wednesday | Mittwoch
by Victor Kossakovsky, Germany / United Kingdom
Tänään | Today
by Eija-Liisa Ahtila, Finland
The Designated Mourner
by David Hare, United Kingdom
The Viper
by Jacob Burckhardt, USA
Tian mi mi | Comrades - Almost a Love Story
by Peter Chan, Hong Kong
by Rafael Straga Zue, Venezuela
Touched Alive
by Stephen Arthur, Canada
Truth And Dare - Ishmael Bernal | Ishmael Bernal - ein philippinischer Held
by Peter Kern, Germany
by Rainer Hoffmann/Heidi Specogna, Germany / Switzerland
by Seth Michael Donsky, USA
Verrückt bleiben, verliebt bleiben | Mind The Gap
by Elfi Mikesch, Germany
Visiting Desire
by Beth B, USA
by Rolf Gibbs, USA
Yume no ginga | Labyrinth Of Dreams | Labyrinth der Träume
by Sogo Ishii, Japan


Afriques: Comment ca va avec la douleur? | Africas: What About Your Pain? | Afrika: Wie steht es mit dem Schmerz?
by Raymond Depardon, France
Amor Fati | Love Of Destiny | Liebe zum Schicksal
by Sophie Kontanyi, Germany / Belgium
Amsterdam Global Village
by Johann van der Keuken, Netherlands
Bella Italia - Zuflucht auf Widerruf
by Peter Voigt, Germany
Black Kites | Schwarze Drachen
by Jo Andres, USA
by Matthias Ehlert,Lutz Pehnert, Germany
Calling The Ghosts
by Mandy Jacobson,Karmen Jelincic, USA / Croatia
Carlota Joaquina Princesa do Brasil | Carlota Joaquina, Princess Of Brasil
by Carla Camurati, Brazil
Chukje | Festival
by Im Kwon Taek, Republic of Korea (South Korea)
Close-Up Long Shot
by M. Chokrollahi, M.Manso, France
Como nascem os anjos | How Angels Are Born | Wie Engel geboren werden
by Murilo Salles, Brazil
Crede mi | Believe Me | Glaube mir
by Bia Lessa,Danny Roland, Brazil
Da habt ihr mein Leben - Marieluise, Kind von Golzow
by Barbara und Winfried Junge, Germany
Daijiga umule pajinnal | The Day a Pig Fell Into The Well | Der Tag, an dem ein Schwein in den Brunnen fiel
by Hong Sang-Soo, Republic of Korea (South Korea)
Das Medium ist die Botschaft
by Dietmar Hochmuth, Germany
Das Schloß | The Castle
by Michael Haneke, Austria
Der Platz
by Uli M.Schüppel, Germany
Djöflaeyjan | Devil's Island | Teufelsinsel
by Fridrik Thor Fridriksson, Iceland / Germany
Doces poderes | Sweet Powers | Süße Mächte
by Lúcia Murat, Brazil
by Gerd Conradt, Daniela Schulz, Germany
Emile Habibi - I Stayed In Haifa
by Dalia Karpel, Israel
Exil Shanghai
by Ulrike Ottinger, Germany / Israel
by Satoshi Isaka, Japan
Forbidden City Cop
by Stephen Chiau, Hong Kong
For Daniel
by Ernie Gehr, USA
Frau Siebert und ihre Schüler
by Hans-Dieter Grabe, Germany
by Fred Kelemen, Germany
Fuck Hamlet
by Cheol-Mean Whang, Germany
by Tom Pannet, Thailand
Gai tao-wan-je de cha-cha | A Cha-Cha For The Fugitive
by Wang Tsai-Cheng, Taiwan
by Andrew Kötting, United Kingdom
Good Sister/Bad Sister
by Liza Johnson, USA
Gu huo zai san | Young and Dangerous, III
by Andrew Lau, Hong Kong
Himitsu no hanazono | My Secret Cache | Mein geheimer Schatz
by Shinobu Yaguchi, Japan
How I Learned To Overcome My Fear And Love Arik Sharon
by Avi Mograbi, Israel
by Nick Gomez, USA
I magi randagi | We Free Kings
by Sergio Citti, Italy / Germany
In der glanzvollen Welt des Hotel Adlon | The Glamorous World of the Adlon Hotel
by Percy Adlon, Germany / USA
Isle Of Lesbos
by Jeff B.Harmon, USA
Jag ar din krigare | Nature's Warrior | Ich bin dein Krieger
by Stefan Jarl, Sweden / Denmark
Jenseits des Krieges | East Of War
by Ruth Beckermann, Austria
Kahini | Fiction
by Malay Bhattacharya, India
Katharina & Witt, Fiction & Reality
by M.Brillowska,Ch.Kissing, Germany
Krótki dzien pracy | Ein kurzer Arbeitsalltag
by Krzysztof Kieslowski, Poland
Little Shots Of Happiness
by Todd Verow, USA
Memoria | Erinnerung
by Ruggero Gabbai, Italy
by Morimoto,Okamura,Otomo, Japan
Mini händ wärdid rucher,immer rucher | Meine Hände werden rauher,immer rauher
by Rudolf Barmettler, Germany
by Gustavo Mosquera R., Argentina
Moi fatigué debout,moi couché | Ich müde stehend,ich liege
by Jean Rouch, France / Niger
MURDER and murder
by Yvonne Rainer, USA
Nach Saison | The Mission
by Pepe Danquart,Mirjam Quinte, Germany / France
Naisenkaari | Gracious Curves
by Kiti Luostarinen, Finland
Nemuro otoko | Sleeping Man | Der schlafende Mann
by Kohei Oguri, Japan
Nervous System Film Perfomances I From Muybridge to Brooklyn | ....Bridge
by Ken Jacobs, USA
Nervous System Film Perfomances II The Marriage Of Heaven... | ...and Hell
by Ken Jacobs, USA
Nobody's Business
by Alan Berliner, USA
Obyknowennyi presidient | Ordinary President | Ein gewöhnlicher Präsident
by Juri Chaschtschewatskij, Belorussia
O cego que gritava luz | The Blindman who shouted Light | Der Blinde, der nach Licht schrie
by Joao Batista de Andrade, Brazil
O sertao das memórias | Landscapes of Memory | Der Sertao der Erinnerung
by José Araújo, Brazil
Ösge vacht | Die fremde Zeit
by Husseyn Mechtiew, Azerbaijan
Persistence | Ausdauer
by Daniel Eisenberg, USA
Picado fino | Fine Powder | Feines Pulver
by Esteban Sapir, Argentina
Polnische Passion
by Stanislaw Mucha, Germany
Reprise | Wiederaufnahme
by Hervé Le Roux, France
Robert Altman's Jazz '34: Remembrances of Kansas City Swing
by Robert Altman, USA
Sechinku | Three Friends
by Yim Soon-Rye, Republic of Korea (South Korea)
Solidarität in Korea: Dokumentation über...
Republic of Korea (South Korea)
Solidarity Song: The Hanns Eisler Story
by Larry Weinstein, Canada
The Man Who Couldn't Feel And Other Tales
by Joram Ten Brink, United Kingdom
They Teach Us How To Be Happy | Lernen glücklich zu sein
by Peter von Gunten, Switzerland
Tinnu ki tina | Tinnu's Tina | Tinnus Tina
by Paresh Kamdar, India
Um céu de estrelas | A Starry Sky
by Tata Amaral, Brazil
Wiedersehen in Hildburghausen
by Rainer Hartleb, Germany
Wittstock, Wittstock
by Volker Koepp, Germany
Woswraschtschenije bronenosza | Die Rückkehr des Panzerkreuzers
by Gennady Poloka, Russian Federation
Xie mei chin long | A Little Life Opera
by Alan Fong, Hong Kong / People's Republic of China
Yndio do Brasil | Our Indians
by Sylvio Back, Brazil
Zakasnjalo palnolunie | Late Full Moon | Verspäteter Vollmond
by Eduard Sachariev, Bulgaria

Kinderfilmfest / 14plus

Aprikoser | Apricots | Aprikosen
by Lotta & Uzi Geffenblad, Sweden
Bokuchan no senjou | Battlefield Of A Boy | Bokuchans Kampf
by Yutaka Osawa, Japan
Busters verden | The World of Buster | Busters Welt
by Bille August, Denmark
Dinner For Two
by Janet Perlman, Canada
Dizzy, lieber Dizzy | Dizzy, Dear Dizzy
by Steffi Kammermeier, Germany
Flug des Albatros | The Flight Of The Albatross
by Werner Meyer, Germany / New Zealand
Goal atzmi | Personal Goals | Eigentor
by Ran Carmeli, Israel
Hasenherz | The Coward
by Gunter Friedrich, Germany (GDR 1949 to 1990)
Het zakmes | The Penknife | Das Taschenmesser
by Ben Sombogaart, Netherlands
by Jacques Dubuisson, France
Kalle Blomkvist - Mästerdetektiven lever farligt | The Masterdetective Lives Dangerously | Meisterdetektiv Kalle Blomquist - lebt gefährlich
by Göran Carmback, Sweden
Kan du vissla Johanna? | Wanted, Grandfather | Kannst du pfeiffen, Johanna
by Rumle Hammerich, Sweden
Kiseje berendj | Bag Of Rice | Ein Sack Reis
by Mohammad-Ali Talebi, Iran / Japan
Kotjonok | The Little Cat | Das Kätzchen
by Iwan Popow, Russian Federation
Kratka | A Gutter | Im Gully
by Pawel Lozinski, Poland
Kukolka | A Little Doll | Das Püppchen
by Isaak Fridberg, UDSSR
La grande migration | The Great Migration | Die große Vogelwanderung
by Iouri Tcherenkov, France
Lorenz im Land der Lügner | Lorenz In The Land Of Liars
by Jürgen Brauer, Germany / Luxembourg
Lukás | Luke | Lukas
by Otokar Kosek, Czechoslovakia
Maja Steinansikt | Maya Stoneface | Maja Steingesicht
by Lars Berg, Norway
by John Honey, Australia
Oernens Oeje | Eye Of The Eagle | Das Auge des Adlers
by Peter Flinth, Denmark
Oh, xiangxue | Oh, Sweet Snow | Die Federtasche
by Wang Haowei, People's Republic of China
Ozonfisk | Ozone Fish | Ozonfisch
by Ingebjörg Torgersen, Norway
The Animator | Der Trickfilmmacher
by Cadi,Linnhe,Bryony Catlow, United Kingdom
The End Of The World Man | Mister Weltuntergang
by Bill Miskelly, Ireland
The Pear Bottle | Die Flaschenbirne
by John Paul Tansey, Ireland
The Whole Of The Moon
by Ian Mune, Canada / New Zealand
Tic Tac
by Rosa Vergés, Spain
When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Tiger | Wenn ich groß bin, möchte ich ein Tiger sein
by An Vrombaut, Germany / United Kingdom
Wo ye you ba ba | I Have A Daddy, Too | Ich habe auch einen Papa
by Huang Shuqin, People's Republic of China
Wrony | Crows | Krähen
by Dorota Kedzierzawska, Poland
Zugvögel | Birds Of Passage
by Christina Schindler, Germany


by G.W. Pabst, Germany (through 1945)
A Girl In Every Port | Blaue Jungen - blonde Mädchen
by Howard Hawks, USA
A Modern Hero
by G.W. Pabst, USA
by Kenneth McPherson, United Kingdom
Cette nuit-là
by Mark Sorkin, France
Cose da pazzi
by G.W. Pabst, Italy
Das Bekenntnis der Ina Kahr
by G.W. Pabst, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949)
Das Geschenk des Inders
by Louis Ralph, Germany (through 1945)
Delhi grande ville de l'Inde supérieure
by Louis Ralph, Germany (through 1945)
Der andere Blick
by Johanna Heer,Werner Schmiedel, Austria
Der gelbe Schein
by Victor Jansen,Eugen Illés, Germany (through 1945)
Der letzte Akt
by G.W. Pabst, Austria
Der Prozeß
by G.W. Pabst, Austria
Der Schatz
by G.W. Pabst, Germany (through 1945)
Deutschösterreich ist und bleibt Republik
Die 3-Groschen-Oper
by G.W. Pabst, Germany (through 1945)
Die freudlose Gasse
by G.W. Pabst, Germany (through 1945)
Die Liebe der Jeanne Ney
by G.W.Pabst, Germany (through 1945)
Die weiße Hölle vom Piz Palü
by Arnold Fanck,G.W. Pabst, Germany (through 1945)
by G.W. Pabst, Germany (through 1945)
Don Quichotte
by G.W. Pabst, France
Don Quixote
by G.W. Pabst, France / United Kingdom
Duell mit dem Tod | ...des Lebens | Duell mit dem Tod/Der Eid des Professors Romberg/Am Rande...
by Paul May, Austria
Du haut en bas
by G.W. Pabst, France
Durch die Wälder, durch die Auen
by G.W. Pabst, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949)
Es geschah am 20. Juli | Es geschah am 20. Juli / Drei Schritte zum Schicksal
by G.W. Pabst, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949)
Geheimnisse einer Seele
by G.W. Pabst, Germany (through 1945)
Geheimnisvolle Tiefe
by G.W. Pabst, Austria
G.W.Pabst oder das Prinzip Hoffnung
by Fred Gehler,Ullrich Kasten, Germany
Herrin von Atlantis
by G.W. Pabst, Germany (through 1945)
Jeunes filles en détresse | Jeunes filles en detresse
by G.W. Pabst, France
Kameradschaft | Kameradschaft(la tragédie de la mine, dt.Fassg)
by G.W. Pabst, Germany (through 1945) / France
by G.W. Pabst, Germany (through 1945)
Krestjane | Bauern
by Fridrich Ermler, UDSSR
La passion de Jeanne d'Arc | Der Leidensweg der Johanna von Orleans
by Carl Theodor Dreyer, France
La terra trema | Die Erde bebt
by Luchino Visconti, Italy
L'Atlantide | Die Herrin von Atlantis
by G.W. Pabst, Germany (through 1945) / France
L'Atlantide (Feyder,1921) | L'Atlantide
by Jacques Feyder, France
La tragédie de la mine | Kameradschaft (franz.Fassg)
by G.W. Pabst, Germany (through 1945) / France
La voce del silencio | Aus der Bahn geworfen
by G.W. Pabst, Italy
Le Charme des fleurs
by Louis Ralph, Germany (through 1945)
Le drame de Shanghai
by G.W. Pabst, France
L'esclave blanche | Die weiße Sklavin
by Mark Sorkin, France
L'opera de quat'sous | Threepenny Opera | Die Dreigroschenoper
by G.W. Pabst, France / Germany (through 1945)
Luise Millerin
by Carl Froelich, Germany (through 1945)
Madame hat Ausgang
by Wilhelm Thiele, Germany (through 1945) / France
Mademoiselle Docteur
by G.W. Pabst, France
Mekhanika golovnovo mozga | Mechanik des Gehirns
by Wselowod Pudovkin, UDSSR
Pabst wieder sehen
by W.Jacobsen,M.Koerber,R.Perraud, Germany
by G.W. Pabst, Germany (through 1945)
Pépé le moko | Im Dunkel von Algier
by Julien Duvivier, France
Prix de Beaute | Miss Europa / Der Schönheitspreis
by Augusto Genina, France
Rosen für Bettina
by G.W. Pabst, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949)
Rozina Sebranec
by Otakar Vávra, Czechoslovakia
Seine Hoheit, der Eintänzer
by Karl Leiter, Austria
Skandal um Eva
by G.W. Pabst, Germany (through 1945)
Tagebuch einer Verlorenen
by G.W. Pabst, Germany (through 1945)
The Mistress Of Atlantis | Die Herrin von Atlantis
by G.W. Pabst, Germany (through 1945)
Um's tägliche Brot...Hunger in Waldenburg
by Piel Jutzi, Germany (through 1945)
Werkfilm zu "Weiße Hölle vom Piz Palü"
Germany (through 1945)
Westfront 1918
by G.W. Pabst, Germany (through 1945)