Berlinale: Programme

Programme 1996


12 Monkeys
by Terry Gilliam, USA
Csajok | Bitches
by Ildikó Szabó, Hungary / Germany
Dead Man Walking
by Tim Robbins, USA
Den Röda Fläcken | Blood And Lipstick | Der rote Fleck
by Gösta Werner, Sweden
E no naka no boku no mura (The Village Of My Paintings) | Village Of Dreams | Das Dorf meiner Träume
by Yoichi Higashi, Japan
Extasis | Ectasies | Ekstasen
by Mariano Barroso Ayats, Spain
by Paul Mazursky, USA
Fremde Heimat | A Foreign Home
by Damir Lukacevic, Germany
Get Shorty | Schnappt Shorty
by Barry Sonnenfeld, USA
Jeon tae-il | A Single Spark | Ein einziger Funke
by Park Kwang-Su, Republic of Korea (South Korea)
Las partes de mi que te aman son seres vacios | The Parts Of Me That You Love Are Empty Beings
by Mercedes Gaspar, Spain
Les menteurs | The Liars | Die Lügner
by Elie Chouraqui, France
Lust och fägring stor | All Things Fair | Schön ist die Jugendzeit
by Bo Widerberg, Sweden / Denmark
Maalaislääkäri | The Country Doctor | Ein Landarzt
by Katariina Lillqvist, Finland / Czech Republic
Mahjong | Shake And Bake
by Edward Yang, Taiwan
Mary Reilly
by Stephen Frears, United Kingdom
Mon homme
by Bertrand Blier, France
by Niels Arden Oplev, Denmark
Pribitie poezda | Arrival Of The Train | Die Ankunft des Zuges
by Andrei Shelezniakov, Russian Federation
by Michael Hoffman, United Kingdom
Richard III
by Richard Loncraine, United Kingdom
Ri guang xia gu | Sun Valley | Tal der Sonne
by He Ping, Hong Kong / People's Republic of China
Sense And Sensibility | Sinn und Sinnlichkeit
by Ang Lee, USA
by Vincent O'Connell, United Kingdom
Stille Nacht | Silent Night
by Dani Levy, Germany / Switzerland
Swerve | Ausgetrickst
by Marcus Gale, Australia
Tai yang you er | The Sun Has Ears | Die Sonne kann hören
by Yim Ho, People's Republic of China
The Bridge | Die Brücke
by Garry Lane, Netherlands
Twilight Of The Gods
by Stewart Main, New Zealand
Un été à La Goulette (Halk-el-wad) | A Summer In La Goulette | Ein Sommer in La Goulette
by Ferid Boughedir, Tunisia / France
Venditori di miracoli | Miracles Sellers | Wunderhändler
by Federico Bruno, Italy
Vite strozzate | Strangled Lives | Im Würgegriff
by Ricky Tognazzi, Italy / France
What I Have Written | Was ich geschrieben habe
by John Hughes, Australia
Wielki tydzien | The Holy Week | Karwoche
by Andrzej Wajda, Poland / Germany

Competition (out of competition)

From Dusk Till Dawn
by Robert Rodriguez, USA
Home For The Holidays | Familienfest und andere Schwierigkeiten
by Jodie Foster, USA
Mutters Courage | My Mother's Courage
by Michael Verhoeven, Germany / United Kingdom
by Oliver Stone, USA

Competition (Special Screening)

Baby Doll
by Elia Kazan, USA
Grumpier Old Men
by Howard Deutch, USA
Save The Tiger | Save The Tiger/ Rettet den Tiger
by John G. Avildsen, USA
Toy Story
by John Lasseter, USA


301 302
by Chul-Soo Park, Republic of Korea (South Korea)
by Egill Edvardsson, Iceland / Germany
Aide mémoire (ein schwules Gedächtnisprotokoll) | Aide mémoire (gay document for remembering)
by Michael Brynntrup, Germany
Aids ungleich Tod
by Claus Constantin, Germany
Air Fright
by Hubert Sielecki, Austria
Alkali, Iowa
by Mark Christopher, USA
Anatomy Of Desire
by Jean-F.Monette, P.Boullata, Canada
Bad Liver And Broken Heart
by Terry Stacey, USA
Bella min Bella | Bella, My Darling Bella
by Astrid Henning-Jensen, Denmark
Ben annemin kiziyim | I'm My Mother's Daughter | Ich bin Tochter meiner Mutter
by Seyhan Derin, Germany
Berlin - Some Days In July
by Knut Hoffmeister, Germany
Black Sheep Boy
by Michael Wallin, USA
Blutbad | Bloody Bathroom
by Rainer Kaufmann, Germany
Boranly beket | Snowstormy Station | Der Tag zieht den Jahrhundertweg
by Bakyt Karagulov, Kyrgyzstan
Brothers In Trouble
by Udayan Prasad, United Kingdom
Carried Away
by Bruno Barreto, USA
Chacun cherche son chat | When The Cat's Away
by Cédric Klapisch, France
Chinese Chocolate
by Yan Cui, Qi Chang, Canada
Clara hakadusha | Saint Clara
by Ori Sivan,Ali Fulman, Israel
Come Across
by Wolke Kluppell, Netherlands
Dao | The Blade | Die Klinge
by Tsui Hark, Hong Kong
Des nouvelles du Bon Dieu | News From The Good Lord | Neues vom Lieben Gott
by Didier Le Pêcheur, France / Switzerland
Die blinde Kuh | The Blind Cow
by Niklaus Schilling, Germany
Eye For An Eye | Auge um Auge
by John Schlesinger, USA
For Real
by Susanna Fogel, USA
Grajacy z talerza | The Man Who Reads Music From The Plates
by Jan Jakub Kolski, Poland / France
Gyae-Got-un Nalui Ohu | A Hot Roof | Ein heißes Dach
by Lee Min-Yong, Republic of Korea (South Korea)
Hearts And Minds | Herz und Verstand
by Ralph Ziman, South Africa
Hong yin tao | Red Cherry | Rote Kirsche
by Ye Ying, People's Republic of China
Hunger Artist
by Bernard Rudden, United Kingdom
Hustler White
by Bruce LaBruce,Rick Castro, Germany / Canada
Il cielo è sempre più blu | Bits And Pieces
by Antonello Grimaldi, Italy
Italiani | Italians | Italiener
by Maurizio Ponzi, Italy
It's My Party
by Randal Kleiser, USA
Jim Loves Jack: The James Egan Story
by David Adkin, Canada
La fille seule | A Single Girl
by Benoît Jacquot, France
Les apprentis | The Apprentices | Die Lehrlinge
by Pierre Salvadori, France
Lumière et compagnie
by Sarah Moon, France / Spain
M.A. Numminen Goes Tech-No
by Claes Olsson, Finland
Mark Finch Tribute
by Tom di Maria, USA
Message To Love.The Isle Of Wight Music Festival 1970
by Murray Lerner, USA
Nachtland | Nightland
by Cyril Tuschi, Germany
Nervous Energy
by Jean Stewart, United Kingdom
Neurosia - 50 Jahre pervers | Neurosia - 50 Years Of Perversity
by Rosa von Praunheim, Germany
Normal Love
by Jack Smith, USA
Not Fourteen Again
by Gillian Armstrong, Australia
Paris Was A Woman
by Greta Schiller, United Kingdom / USA
Predictions Of Fire
by Michael Benson, USA / Slovenia
Proscaj, Amerika! | Bye, Bye, America!
by Aleksandr Dovzhenko, UDSSR
by Sabine Hiebler,Gerhard Ertl, Austria
Reisen ins Leben - Weiterleben nach einer Kindheit in ... | Journey Into Life - Aftermath Of A Childhood In Auschwitz | ...Auschwitz
by Thomas Mitscherlich, Germany
Romance | Some Kinda Love
by Shunichi Nagasaki, Japan
See For Yourself
by Jerry Tartaglia, USA
Sexy Sadie
by Matthias Glasner, Germany
Shoot Me Angel
by Amal Bedtaoui, France
Stolen Shadows
by John R.Killacky, USA
by Karl Francis, United Kingdom
Szeressük egymást gyerekek | Love Each Other
by M.Jancsó,P.Sándor,K.Makk, Hungary
Tesis | Thesis | These
by Alejandro Amenábar, Spain
The Haircut
by Lisa Fisher, USA
The Killers
by Tanya Hamilton, USA
The Land Is White, The Seed Is Black
by Koto Bolofo, France
The Monkey And The Engineer
by Jacob & Tom Burckhardt, USA
The Watermelon Woman
by Cheryl Dunye, USA
Things I Never Told You | Dinge, die ich dir nie gesagt habe
by Isabel Coixet, Spain / USA
by Nelja Pasitschnik, Ukraine
Ubistvo s predumisljajem | Premeditated Murder | Vorsätzlicher Mord
by Gorcin Stojanovic, Serbia / Hungary
by Claudia Morgado Escanilla, Canada
by John Dahl, USA / Canada
by Loren Marsh, USA
Vuollge mu mielde bassivárrái | Come With Me To The Holy Mountain
by Mona Hoel, Norway / Sweden
We Forget
by Maximilian von Moll, Germany
Zica Zivota | String Of Life
by Momir Matovic, Republic of Montenegro


119 Bullets + Three
by Yeud Levanon, Israel
93 Million Miles From The Sun
by Paul Budnitz, USA
A.k.a. Don Bonus
by Spencer Nakasako, USA
A Tale Of Love
by Trin Min-ha, USA
Barnen fran Jordbro | The Children From Jordbro | Die Kinder von Jordbro
by Rainer Hartleb, Sweden
Bian lian | The King Of The Masks | Der König der Masken
by Wu Tianming, Hong Kong
Bruchstücke | Broken Pieces
by Jörg Tazsman, Germany
Bulan tertusuk ilalang | ...And The Moon Dances | ...Und der Mond tanzt
by Garin Nugroho, Indonesia
Carga de rurales | Verpflichtung der Landpolizei
by Gabriel Veyre, Mexico / France
Charms Zwischenfälle | Charms Incidents
by Michael Kreihsl, Austria
Dahua xiyou / daiwah saiyau | A Chinese Odyssey
by Jeff Lau, Hong Kong
Dealers Among Dealers | Händler unter Händlern
by Gaylen Ross, USA
Devils Don't Dream! Nachforschungen über Jacob Arbenz Guzmán | Devils Don't Dream! Research on Jacobo Arbenz Guzmán
by Andreas Hoessli, Switzerland
Die Geschichte vom Onkel Willy aus Golzow | The Story Of Uncle Willy From Golzow
by Barbara u. Winfried Junge, Germany
Die kaukasische Nacht | The Caucasian Night
by Gordian Maugg, Germany
Die Überlebenden | The Survivors
by Andres Veiel, Germany
Duchownye golosa | Spiritual Voices | Die Stimmen der Seele
by Alexander Sokurov, Russian Federation
Duoluo Tianshi | Fallen Angels | Gefallene Engel
by Wong Kar-wai, Hong Kong
El último malón | The Last Uprising | Der letzte Aufstand
by Alcides Greca, Argentina
Emigration, N.Y. - die Geschichte einer Vertreibung | Emigration, N.Y.
by Egon Humer, Austria
En avoir (ou pas) | To Have (Or Not) | Haben (oder nicht haben)
by Laetitia Masson, France
Entrevista de los presidentes Díaz-Taft | Gespräch der Präsidenten Díaz-Taft
by Hermanos Alva, Mexico
First Person Plural: The Electronic Diaries | Erste Person Plural: Die elektronischen Tagebücher
by Lynn Hershman Leeson, USA
by Carlos Saura, Spain
Fragmentos da vida | Fragments Of Life | Fragmente des Lebens
by José Medina, Brazil
by Todd Verow, USA
Ham hyyal | The Aroma of Wishes | Das Aroma der Wünsche
by Sergej Schugarew, Turkmenistan
by Hiroyuki Oki, Japan
Hu-du-men | Entrance Of The P-Side (Tiger Pass Gate) | Das Tor des Tigers
by Shu Kei, Hong Kong
I buchi neri | Black Holes | Die schwarzen Löcher
by Pappi Corsicato, Italy
I'll Be Your Mirror
by Nan Goldin, United Kingdom
Jushi shengun / gousai sunkwun | Heaven Can't Wait | Der Himmel kann nicht warten
by Lee Chi-Ngai, Hong Kong
Kaki bakar | The Arsonist | Der Brandstifter
by U-Wei Bin Hajisaari, Malaysia
Koukado kidoutai | Ghost In The Shell | Der Geist in der Muschel
by Mamoru Oshii, Japan / United Kingdom
Lange nach der Schlacht | Long After The Battle
by Eduard Schreiber, Germany
Le journal d'un séducteur | Diary Of A Seducer
by Danièle Dubroux, France
Lo zio di Brooklyn | The Uncle From Brooklyn | Der Onkel aus Brooklyn
by Daniele Cipri, Franco Maresco, Italy
Mee Pok Man
by Eric Khoo, Singapore
by Rolando Díaz Rodríguez, Cuba
Minjing gushi | On The Beat | Auf Streife
by Ning Ying, People's Republic of China
Mon shwe yee | Sweet Mon | Süße Mon
by Win Oo, Burma
Mya ga naing | The Emerald Jungle | Der smaragdgrüne Dschungel
by Maung Tin Maung, Burma
Nay chi phyar hma ngwee thaw gyaunt | It Only Gets Warm When The Sun Shines | Warm wird es nur, wenn die Sonne scheint
by San Shwe Maung, Burma
Okaeri | Welcome Home | Willkommen zu Hause
by Makoto Shinozaki, Japan
Our Burmese Days | Die burmesischen Jahre
by Lindsey Merrison, Germany
Paradise Lost: The Child Murders At Robin Hood Hills
by Joe Berlinger, Bruce Sinofsky, USA
Patrón | The Landowner | Der Grundbesitzer
by Jorge Rocca, Argentina / Uruguay
by Shunji Iwai, Japan
Pribytije pojesda | The Arrival Of A Train | Die Ankunft eines Zuges
by A.Chwan,D.Meschijew,A.Balaba, Russian Federation
Prinzipialnyj i shalostliwyj wsgljad | The Fundamental And Pitiful Look | Der prinzipielle und mitleidsvolle Blick
by Aleksander Suchotschew, Russian Federation
Prisutstwije | Presence | Anwesenheit
by Tolib Chamidow, Tajikistan
Rome désolée | Desolate Rome
by Vincent Dieutre, France
Sergej Eisenstein, Awtobiografija | Sergej Eisenstein, An Autobiography | Sergej Eisenstein, Autobiographie
by Oleg Kowalow, Russian Federation
Sogni infranti | Broken Dreams | Zerbrochene Träume
by Marco Bellocchio, Italy
Stagona ston okeano | A Drop In The Ocean
by Eleni Alexandrakis, Greece
by Gleb Teleshov, Russian Federation
Super Citizen Ko
by Wan Jen, Taiwan
Synthetic Pleasures
by Iara Lee, USA
Tarkaljaschti se kamani | Rolling Thunder | Donnergrollen
by Ivan Tscherkelov, Bulgaria / France
Tender Fictions
by Barbara Hammer, USA
The Battle Over Citizen Kane | Die Schlacht um Citizen Kane
by Michael Epstein,Thomas Lennon, USA
The Celluloid Closet
by Rob Epstein,Jeffrey Friedman, USA
The Gate Of Heavenly Peace | Das Tor de Himmlischen Friedens
by Carma Hinton,Richard Gordon, USA
The Girl Of Silence
by Genjiro Arato, Japan
The Written Face | Das geschriebene Gesicht
by Daniel Schmid, Switzerland / Japan
Utazás az alföldön | Journey On The Plain | Reise durch die Ebene
by Béla Tarr u.a., Hungary
Walk The Walk
by Robert Kramer, France / Switzerland
Welcome To The Dollhouse | Willkommen im Puppenhaus
by Todd Solondz, USA
Why Don't We Sing Songs Anymore?
by G.Xiao-rong,L.Bochow u.a., Taiwan
Words For Windows
by Michael Busch, Germany
Wu shan yun yu | In Expectation | Regenwolken in Wu shan
by Zhang Ming, People's Republic of China
Yandym | The Banished Soul | Die verbannte Seele
by B.Abdullaew,L.Stepanskaja, Turkmenistan
Yuk | The Burden | Die Bürde
by Rovshan Almuradli, Azerbaijan

Kinderfilmfest / 14plus

Als es noch Wassermänner gab
by Jan Hempel, Germany
Amart shetari | Showing Them | Denen zeig' ich's!
by Sivan Arbel, Israel
Anton | The Flyer
by Aage Rais, Denmark
Badkonak-e Sefid | The White Balloon | Der weiße Ballon
by Jafar Panahi, Iran
by Lars Hesselholdt, Denmark / Sweden
Benjamín Dúfa | Benjamin Dove | Benjamin, die Taube
by Gisli Snaer Erlingsson, Iceland / Germany
Bonjour Timothy
by Wayne Tourell, New Zealand / Canada
Bulten...rena banditerna | Bolt... And The Clean Bandits | Bulten...saubere Banditen
by Lennart & Ylva-Li Gustafsson, Sweden
Das Rabennest
by Jan Hempel, Germany (GDR 1949 to 1990)
De jongen die niet meer praatte | The Boy Who Stopped Talking | Der Junge der nicht mehr sprechen wollte
by Ben Sombogaart, Netherlands
Die Rutschpartie/ Der hohle Zahn
by Jan Hempel, Germany
Die seltsame Historie von den Schiltbürgern
by Jan Hempel, Germany (GDR 1949 to 1990)
Dva sloni | Two Elephants | Zwei Elefanten
by Ondrej Pecha, Czech Republic
Eremittkrepsen | The Shelter
by Tove Cecilie Sverdrup, Norway
Filmen om Bodil | Bodil - The Movie | Bodil - der Film
by Linda Madsen, Norway
Frog, Where Are You? | Frosch, wo bist du?
by Gary Templeton, USA
Guangzhou laile yige xinjiang | Alone In Canton | Allein in Kanton
by Wang Jin, People's Republic of China
Hikayat aljawaher athalath | Tale Of The Three Jewels | Das Märchen von den drei Juwelen
by Michel Khleifi, United Kingdom / Belgium
Jag och girafferna | Me And The Giraffes | Ich und die Giraffen
by Lennart & Ylva-Li Gustafsson, Sweden
Kids Of The Round Table | Die Kinder der Tafelrunde
by Robert Tinnell, Canada
Kinobilletten | The Cinema Ticket | Kinokarte
by Gunnar Vikene, Norway
Le maître des éléphants | The Elephant Master | Herr der Elefanten
by Patrick Grandperret, France
Le moine et le poisson | The Monk And The Fish | Der Mönch und der Fisch
by Michael Dudok de Wit, France
Muo sheng reng | Der Fremde
by Jun Huang, People's Republic of China
My Friend Joe | Mein Freund Joe
by Chris Bould, Germany / Ireland
by Van Spaulding, USA
Overdose | Überdosis
by Claude Cloutier, Canada
Strannik | The Pilgrim | Der Pilger
by Agamurad Amanov, Russian Federation
Teremok | Little Tower-Room | Das Schränkchen
by Sergey Kositsyn, Russian Federation
The Forgotten Toys | Das vergessene Spielzeug
by Graham Ralph, United Kingdom
The Tale Of The Flopsy Bunnies And Mrs. Tittlemouse | Die Geschichte von dem Flopsy Bunnies und Mrs. Tittlemouse
by Dave Unwin, United Kingdom
Tøsepiger | Watch Me Fly | Keine Angst vorm Fliegen
by Vibeke Gad, Denmark
Yuan shan jie di | Brother And Sister From The Mountains | Die Geschwister aus den Bergen
by Chen Li, People's Republic of China


A House Divided | Der Mannsteufel
by William Wyler, USA
by William Wyler, USA
Ben-Hur. A Tale Of The Christ | Ben-Hur
by Fred Niblo, USA
Blazing Days
by William Wyler, USA
by William Wyler, USA
Come And Get It | Nimm was du kriegen kannst
by William Wyler, Howard Hawks, USA
Counsellor-At-Law | Counsellor At Law | Der Staranwalt von Manhattan
by William Wyler, USA
Crook Buster
by William Wyler, USA
Dead End | Sackgasse
by William Wyler, USA
Der Cinématographe Lumière in Deutschland - 29 Filme der... | ...Gebrüder Lumière von 1896
by Gebrüder Lumière, France
Der Galiläer
by Dimitri Buchowetzki, Germany (through 1945)
Detective Story | Polizeirevier 21
by William Wyler, USA
Directed By William Wyler
by Aviva Slesin, USA
Dodsworth | Zeit der Liebe, Zeit des Abschieds
by William Wyler, USA
by Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau, Germany (through 1945)
Friendly Persuasion | Lockende Versuchung
by William Wyler, USA
Funny Girl
by William Wyler, USA
by William Wyler, USA
Hard Fists
by William Wyler, USA
Hell's Heroes (stumme Version) | Hell's Heroes (silent version) | Galgenvögel
by William Wyler, USA
Hell's Heroes (Tonfassung) | Hell's Heroes | Galgenvögel
by William Wyler, USA
Her First Mate
by William Wyler, USA
How To Steal A Million | Wie klaut man eine Million?
by William Wyler, USA
Jezebel | Jezebel - Die boshafte Lady
by William Wyler, USA
Max und die drei Musketiere | The Three Must-Get-Theres
by Max Linder, USA
Memphis Belle
by William Wyler, USA
M. Mörder unter uns
by Fritz Lang, Germany (through 1945)
Mrs. Miniver
by William Wyler, USA
Roman Holiday | Ein Herz und eine Krone
by William Wyler, USA
Romanze in Moll
by Helmut Käutner, Germany (through 1945)
Stolen Ranch
by William Wyler,
Straight Shootin'
by William Wyler, USA
The Best Years Of Our Lives | Die besten Jahre unseres Lebens
by William Wyler, USA
The Big Country | Weites Land
by William Wyler, USA
The Children's Hour | The Loudest Whisper | Infam
by William Wyler, USA
The Collector | Der Fänger
by William Wyler, USA
The Desperate Hours | An einem Tag wie jeder andere
by William Wyler, USA
The Fire Barrier
by William Wyler, USA
The Gay Deception
by William Wyler, USA
The Good Fairy
by William Wyler, USA
The Heiress | Die Erbin
by William Wyler, USA
The Letter | Das Geheimnis von Malampur
by William Wyler, USA
The Liberation Of L.B.Jones | Die Glut der Gewalt
by William Wyler, USA
The Little Foxes | Die kleinen Füchse
by William Wyler, USA
The Love Trap | Die Liebesfalle
by William Wyler, USA
These Three | Infame Lügen
by William Wyler, USA
The Storm
by William Wyler, USA
The Two Fister
by William Wyler, USA
The Westerner | In die Falle gelockt
by William Wyler, USA
by William Wyler,John Sturges, USA
Thunder Riders
by William Wyler, USA
Tom Brown Of Culver
by William Wyler, USA
Wuthering Heights | Stürmische Höhen
by William Wyler, USA


A Face In The Crowd | Ein Gesicht in der Menge
by Elia Kazan, USA
America America | Die Unbezwingbaren
by Elia Kazan, USA
A Streetcar Named Desire | Endstation Sehnsucht
by Elia Kazan, USA
A Tree Grows In Brooklyn | Ein Baum wächst in Brooklyn
by Elia Kazan, USA
Boomerang | Bumerang
by Elia Kazan, USA
Days Of Wine And Roses | Stärker als alle Vernunft/Die Tage des Weines und der Rosen
by Blake Edwards, USA
East Of Eden | Jenseits von Eden
by Elia Kazan, USA
Elia Kazan, Outsider/ Portrait d'Elia Kazan
by Annie Tresgot,Michel Ciment, France
Gentleman's Agreement | Tabu der Gerechten
by Elia Kazan, USA
Glengarry Glen Ross
by James Foley, USA
Irma La Douce | Das Mädchen Irma La Douce
by Billy Wilder, USA
It Should Happen To You!
by George Cukor, USA
Kotch | Opa kann's nicht lassen/ Opa Kotch - Mit Volldampf aus der..
by Jack Lemmon, USA
Maccheroni | Macaroni
by Ettore Scola, Italy
Man On A Tightrope | Ein Mann auf dem Drahtseil
by Elia Kazan, USA
Missing | Vermißt
by Constantin Costa-Gavras, USA
On The Waterfront | Die Faust im Nacken
by Elia Kazan, USA
Panic In The Streets | Unter Geheimbefehl
by Elia Kazan, USA
People Of The Cumberland
by Robert Stebbins,Eugene Hill, USA
Pie In The Sky
by Irving Lerner u.a., USA
by Elia Kazan, USA
Sea Of Grass | Endlos ist die Prärie
by Elia Kazan, USA
Some Like It Hot | Manche mögen's heiß
by Billy Wilder, USA
Splendor In The Grass | Fieber im Blut
by Elia Kazan, USA
The Apartment | Das Appartement
by Billy Wilder, USA
The Arrangement | Das Arrangement
by Elia Kazan, USA
The Last Tycoon | Der letzte Tycoon
by Elia Kazan, USA
The Odd Couple | Ein seltsames Paar
by Gene Saks, USA
The Out-Of-Towners | Nie wieder New York
by Arthur Hiller, USA
The Prisoner Of Second Avenue | Das Nervenbündel
by Melvin Frank, USA
The Visitors | Die Besucher
by Elia Kazan, USA
Viva Zapata!
by Elia Kazan, USA
Wild River | Wilder Strom
by Elia Kazan, USA