Berlinale: Juries

Juries 1986

International Jury

Gina Lollobrigida (Italy)

Lindsay Anderson (United Kingdom)

August Coppola (USA)

Rudi Fehr (USA)

Werner Grassmann (Germany (before 1990))

Otar Iosseliani (UDSSR)

Norbert Kückelmann (Germany (before 1990))

Francoise Maupin (France)

Rosaura Revueltas (Mexico)

Jerzy Toeplitz (Poland)

Naoki Togawa (Japan)

Honorary Awards of the Festival

The recipients of honorary awards are not chosen by a jury but by the festival director.

Children's Jury

A Children's Jury with members aged 11 to 14 awards the Children’s Jury Prize in the Kinderfilmfest competition. The jury members are selected from film questionaires submitted the previous year and officially invited to participate by the festival director.