Louis I., König der Schafe

Louis I., King of the Sheep
A strong wind blows a paper crown over the pasture. Sheep Louis places it on his head. And accordingly becomes Louis I, King of the Sheep. But his subjects just keep grazing and digesting. Until Louis I gives a speech over the loudspeaker. From now on, the others have to serve and pay homage to him. However, another storm approaches. With pinpoint accuracy and depth, this absurdist stop-motion animation tells the story of the fascination of power.
by Markus Wulf
with Mark Waschke, Mark Waschke, Isabella Rossellini
Germany 2022 German 9’ Colour World premiere recommendation: 10 years and up


  • Mark Waschke (Narrator)
  • Mark Waschke (Louis)
  • Isabella Rossellini (Narrator (French version))


DirectorMarkus Wulf
ScreenplayMarkus Wulf, Maggie Briggs, based on the book “Louis Ier, roi des moutons” by Olivier Tallec
CinematographyTaylor Stanton
AnimationEmily Ann Hoffman, Victoria Arslani
EditingEsteban Garzía Vernaza
MusicKaspian Shines
Sound DesignHolger Buff
Production DesignMarkus Wulf
ProducersMaggie Briggs, Su-Jin Song, Jorge Granados Ross, Markus Wulf, Levin Hübner
Co-Productionautumn song production, Düsseldorf
Irrelevant Media, New York

Produced by


www.hwtv.eu/ www.hwtv.eu/

Markus Wulf

Born in Oldenburg, Germany in 1985. He studied directing and screenwriting at Columbia University in New York City and at the International Film School in Cologne and works in the fields of film, theatre, opera and puppetry. His short films have gained recognition festivals home and abroad; A Fairytale with a Completely Imagined Ending was nominated for the German Short Film Award. He co-founded the Irrelevant Media artist collective and production company with filmmakers from Brazil, Germany, Colombia, Lebanon, Mexico, Pakistan and the USA.

Filmography (short films)

2011 100 Things to do Before You Die #2 2012 Vom Zauber des Verschwindens (On the Charme of Vanishing) · 108 Worries 2014 Ein Märchen von einer unmöglichen Stelle im Universum (A Fairytale with a Completely Imagined Ending) 2017 Wölfe (Wolves) 2022 Louis I., König der Schafe (Louis I., King of the Sheep)

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