An afternoon at the lake. Children are playing on the shore, the sun is shining. A woman makes her way past towels and parasols. She walks very upright, her gaze directed strictly ahead. Her tension shows no signs of abating, even when she is standing in the water. Later, she impassively begins her shift as a nurse. When a patient dies during the night, the woman remains completely detached. Is she somehow involved in the death?
This story is carried entirely by Klára Melíšková in the leading role. Her introverted and seemingly indifferent Hana becomes inextricably caught up in a web of political intrigue and obfuscation to which she is helplessly exposed.
This four-part miniseries from the Czech Republic was developed by Štěpán Hulík (showrunner and writer); it was directed by Michal Blaško, who has already received numerous awards for his short films. Unfolding the story in tranquil shots and without seeking to judge, the pair assiduously dissect how the shadow of a doubt can lead first to serious suspicion and finally to life-threatening accusation.
by Štěpán Hulík, Michal Blaško
with Klára Melíšková, Denisa Barešová, Miroslav Hanuš, Ivan Trojan, Milena Steinmasslová, Johana Matoušková, Jan Nedbal, Marek Pospíchal, Elizaveta Maximová, Petr Lněnička
Czech Republic / France 2022 Czech 104’


  • Klára Melíšková (Hana Kučerová)
  • Denisa Barešová (Tereza Kučerová)
  • Miroslav Hanuš (Lawyer Novák)
  • Ivan Trojan (Doctor Vaculík)
  • Milena Steinmasslová (Head Nurse Jarošová)
  • Johana Matoušková (Bára Daňková)
  • Jan Nedbal (Filip Dezort)
  • Marek Pospíchal (Chief Detective Berka)
  • Elizaveta Maximová (Larisa Klimenková)
  • Petr Lněnička (Director Kříž)


ShowrunnerŠtěpán Hulík
DirectorMichal Blaško
ScreenplayŠtěpán Hulík
CinematographyAdam Mach
EditingAnna Johnson Ryndová
MusicJonatan Pastirčák
SoundJan Šulcek
Art DirectorStella Šonková
CostumesHelena Tavelová
ProducersMichal Reitler, Tomáš Hrubý, Jakub Viktorín, Pavla Janoušková Kubečková
Executive ProducersMatej Stehlík, Zuzana Jankovičová
Co-ProducersClaudia Tronnier, Isabelle Amann
Co-ProductionARTE, Straßburg
BroadcasterCzech Television, ARTE

Produced by

Czech Television

World Sales

Czech Television – Telexport