Kdyby radši hořelo

Somewhere Over the Chemtrails
Standa works in a volunteer fire brigade with his older colleague Bronya, whom he admires. Fires are rare in their Czech village and so it is a pretty relaxed job. Impressionable Standa is more concerned about whether his pregnant wife is spraying her belly regularly with vinegar. A colleague recommended this as a homespun remedy against the harmful effects of so-called chemtrails. During the village’s Easter celebrations, a van veers out of control and injures a villager before coming to a halt at the fountain. The driver manages to escape. Right away Bronya is convinced that the village has become the target of a terrorist attack, carried out by an “Arab”. Standa sees things differently. A wave of misinformation soon puts fear into the hearts of the villagers and the fire brigade becomes a citizen’s militia.
Director Adam Koloman Rybanský’s confidently told and rhythmically compelling debut examines the mechanisms of racism and exclusion in the microcosm of a village. At the same time, he takes a loving and humorous look at human weakness, revealing a deeply humanist worldview.
by Adam Koloman Rybanský
with Miroslav Krobot, Michal Isteník, Anna Polívková, Vladimír Škultéty, Albert Čuba, Václav Hrzina, Jiří Vymětal, Josef Šturma, Milan Kroka, Pavlína Matiová
Czech Republic 2022 Czech 85’ Colour World premiere


  • Miroslav Krobot (Bronya)
  • Michal Isteník (Standa)
  • Anna Polívková (Jana)
  • Vladimír Škultéty (Jarin)
  • Albert Čuba (Policeman)
  • Václav Hrzina (Starosta)
  • Jiří Vymětal (Rosťa)
  • Josef Šturma (Hospodský)
  • Milan Kroka (Gejza)
  • Pavlína Matiová (Eržika)


DirectorAdam Koloman Rybanský
ScreenplayAdam Koloman Rybanský, Lukáš Csicsely
CinematographyMatěj Piňos
EditingAlan Sýs
Sound DesignAdam Bláha
SoundAdam Bláha
Production DesignIvana Kanhäuserová, Antonín Matějovský
CostumesIvan Stekla, Eliška Surmová
Make-UpKlára Hubalová, Eva Vrtišková
Assistant DirectorJiří Matoušek
Production ManagerJakub Vacík
ProducersPavel Vácha, Eva Pavlíčková
Executive ProducerEva Pavlíčková
Co-ProducersJaroslav Sedláček, Saša Dlouhý, Michal Křeček
Co-ProductionFAMU, Prag
Czech Television, Prag
FreeSaM, Prag
MagicLab, Prag

Adam Koloman Rybanský

The Czech director and screenwriter was born in 1994 and took a degree in film directing at FAMU in Prague. While studying, he wrote and directed several short films which screened at various international festivals and received two nominations for best student film at the Czech Lion Awards. Kdyby radši hořelo is his graduation film and his debut feature as a director.


2014 Will We See? We Will See...; short film 2017 Friendly Sport Meeting; short film 2018 Home Sleep Home; short film 2022 Kdyby radši hořelo (Somewhere Over the Chemtrails)

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