Design for Scandal

Rache ist süß
Judge Cornelia Porter makes an enemy of a newspaper tycoon when she awards his wife large alimony payments during the divorce proceedings. To get his revenge, the publisher agrees to sic reporter Jeff Sherman on the judge. The plan is to seduce Porter, opening her up to blackmail by embroiling her in a public scandal involving Sherman’s planned marriage. He follows her to the seaside resort where she is vacationing, where the upright judge initially rebuffs Sherman’s advances. But by posing as an artist, he manages to exploit her love of sculpture. Far from her usual professional habitat, Judge Porter displays a “typically feminine” weakness. After Sherman flatteringly calls her glamourous, she checks herself out in the mirror – providing Rosalind Russell with a perfect opportunity to show off her physical comedy chops. Although she manages to rise above false compliments, she proves powerless against Sherman’s insinuations of love – with the central gag of this romantic comedy being that even the man whispering sweet nothings ends up succumbing to them.
by Norman Taurog
with Rosalind Russell, Walter Pidgeon, Edward Arnold, Lee Bowman, Jean Rogers, Mary Beth Hughes, Guy Kibbee, Barbara Jo Allen, Leon Belasco, Bobby Larson
USA 1941 English 85’ Black/White, 16 mm


  • Rosalind Russell
  • Walter Pidgeon
  • Edward Arnold
  • Lee Bowman
  • Jean Rogers
  • Mary Beth Hughes
  • Guy Kibbee
  • Barbara Jo Allen
  • Leon Belasco
  • Bobby Larson


DirectorNorman Taurog
ScreenplayLionel Houser
CinematographyLeonard Smith, William Daniels
EditingElmo Veron
MusicFranz Waxman
SoundDouglas Shearer
Art DirectorCedric Gibbons
ProducerJohn W. Considine Jr.

Produced by

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Corp.

Additional information

Print: 16mm collection print courtesy of the UCLA Film & Television Archive