Alone at home, Robin explores her own body with eager curiosity. But when hanging out with her best friend Merel, she keeps others at a distance, prodding them with her eyes only. She takes it all in: Merel’s easy exuberance, kisses by the lake, boys full of bravado, two bodies intertwining on the dance floor. In moments of lust and tenderness captured in intimate close-ups, director Nicole Jachmann’s protagonist is more than a mere observer, navigating desire on her own terms.
by Nicole Jachmann
with Claire Porro, Julia Olsthoorn, Jesse Meisters, Jonas Coppus, Mandy Verboeket
Netherlands 2021 Dutch 16’ Colour recommendation: 14 years and up


  • Claire Porro (Robin)
  • Julia Olsthoorn (Merel)
  • Jesse Meisters (Tim)
  • Jonas Coppus (Bram)
  • Mandy Verboeket (Marianne)


Written and Directed byNicole Jachmann
CinematographyMichel Rosendaal
EditingTessel Flora de Vries
MusicCoen Leuven
Sound DesignMeghan van der Meer
SoundLinne Beck
Production DesignLonneke Orbons
CostumesNine van Weert
Make-UpTrudy Buren
CastingNiels Lemmens
Assistant DirectorElise van Dijk
Production ManagerSammy Wisniewski
Executive ProducerLaura Bouwmeester
ProducerRogier Kramer
Co-ProducerRobert Kievit
Co-ProductionBNNVARA, Hilversum

Nicole Jachmann

The director was born in Beek, the Netherlands in 1987. She first studied journalism, followed by liberal arts and sciences during which time she spent a semester at the Claremont Colleges in California. She then moved to Berlin to take a screenwriting course. Since then, she has worked in a number of roles on various short films. Her work focuses chiefly on gender. She is currently developing another short film and her debut feature film.


2011 Serving in Silence; short documentary 2015 De Hemelpoort; short film 2018 Schaduwjager; short film 2021 Funkele; short film

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2022