Berlinale Topics 2022

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on scene

Young photographers at the Berlinale

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An Ongoing Conversation

Carlo Chatrian and Mark Peranson on irony, inter-cultural film references and the rhythm between festival editions

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Changing Positions

Carlo Chatrian and Mark Peranson debate this year’s selection which bears witness to the urgent need of spaces for dialogue

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Berlinale Shorts

Imagination Is Also an Answer

Section head Anna Henckel-Donnersmarck in conversatiom about cinematic fantasy and how it is used to find answers to the burning questions of our time

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Icons of Motherhood

Section head Michael Stütz discusses 2022’s extremely wide-ranging programme, as well as the defining motif of the mother and the blurring of different eras in a legendary New York hotel

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Visiting Places

Section head Cristina Nord discusses the selection in the second year of the pandemic and the filmmakers who refuse to let this hold them back.

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Forum Expanded

"There was a desire to feel gravity"

Ulrich Ziemons and Ala Younis on how the pandemic has changed the way we look at things and the zombie-esque aspects of “sustainable” nuclear energy

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Berlinale Series

Happy Returns

Head of Berlinale Series Julia Fidel discusses happy returnees, the reinvention of established genres and regional trends

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Let's Dance!

Section head Maryanne Redpath talks about a selection that is rich in physicality and what she looks out for during the viewing process

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Perspektive Deutsches Kino

A New Emphasis and Old Spirits

Section head Linda Söffker on the new Perspektive talent scheme as well as echoes of the past and young filmmakers who are fascinated by the symbolic power of the forest

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Berlinale Talents

“Our Approach is Pure Berlinale”

Christine Tröstrum and Florian Weghorn discuss 20 years of Berlinale Talents

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“It’s all about the pursuit of happiness”

Rainer Rother and Annika Haupts talk about how Mae West, Rosalind Russell & Carole Lombard followed their path to happiness