Awards & Honours 2022

All the awards - official and independent juries - of the 72nd Berlin International Film Festival:
Berlinale Awards 20202, PDF (3.9 MB)

International Jury

Golden Bear for Best Film
(awarded to the film’s producers)
by Carla Simón
produced by María Zamora, Stefan Schmitz, Tono Folguera, Sergi Moreno
Silver Bear Grand Jury Prize So-seol-ga-ui yeong-hwa
by Hong Sangsoo
Silver Bear Jury Prize Robe of Gems
by Natalia López Gallardo
Silver Bear for Best Director Claire Denis for
Avec amour et acharnement
Silver Bear for Best Leading Performance Meltem Kaptan in
Rabiye Kurnaz gegen George W. Bush
by Andreas Dresen
Silver Bear for Best Supporting Performance Laura Basuki in
by Kamila Andini
Silver Bear for Best Screenplay Laila Stieler for
Rabiye Kurnaz gegen George W. Bush
by Andreas Dresen
Silver Bear for Outstanding Artistic Contribution Rithy Panh and Sarit Mang for
Everything Will Be Ok
by Rithy Panh
Special Mention Drii Winter
by Michael Koch

Jury Encounters

by Ruth Beckermann

Jury statement: "Masterfully playing with minimal elements interwoven through a rigorous mise-en-scène punctuated by humour, the director achieves a rich and complex reflection on gender and sexual politics that raises complicated questions of utmost relevance today."
Best Director
by Cyril Schäublin

Jury statement: "With a strange and unsettling calm, the film immerses the viewer in a moment where ideals of collectivity and anarchism confront the encroaching powers of capitalism and the erosion of worker’s time. As exacting in its cinematographic decisions, as the watches we see being assembled."
Special Jury Award À vendredi, Robinson
by Mitra Farahani

Jury statement: "The encounter of two poets in the autumn of their lives, orchestrated by the director with mischief and a loving yet discerning regard. A playful battle of egos, that doubles as an intimate and moving meditation on language, communication and artistic creation."

International Short Film Jury

Golden Bear for Best Short Film Trap
by Anastasia Veber

Jury statement: "Through a masterfully crafted montage, fragments of the lives of young people, seemingly stuck in a controlling and oppressive society emerge. The carefully and minimally constructed narrative is used to draw us cinematically into a feeling of both ecstasy, resistance and hopelessness all at once. The forceful last scene puts us in a vortex of energy, leaving us no choice but to become a part of this world, by transporting us to an empowering communal feeling through the camera’s eye - produced by desires to imagine, trust and resist together."
Silver Bear Jury Prize (Short Film) Manhã de Domingo
by Bruno Ribeiro

Jury statement: "In seemingly unrelated vignettes, the film moves from the anxiety of a musical performance to the experience of coming to terms with loss. Drama comes from subtle moments experienced by the protagonist, both in reality and in her imaginary reminiscences. With an extraordinary control over the cinematic image, Bruno Ribeiro paints a portrait of an artist who faces loss while struggling between fear and the desire to succeed."
Special Mention Bird in the Peninsula
by Atsushi Wada
Berlin Short Film Candidate For The European Film Awards El sembrador de estrellas
by Lois Patiño

Jury GWFF Best First Feature Award

GWFF Best First Feature Sonne
by Kurdwin Ayub
produced by Ulrich Seidl

Jury Berlinale Documentary Award

Berlinale Documentary Award Myanmar Diaries
by The Myanmar Film Collective
produced by Corinne van Egeraat

Honorary Awards of the Festival

Honorary Golden Bear Isabelle Huppert

Juries Generation

Children’s Jury Generation Kplus
Crystal Bear for the Best Film Comedy Queen
by Sanna Lenken, Sweden

Jury statement: "A great protagonist, powerful and vulnerable at the same time, provided us with her captivatingly told, bittersweet story of loss, grief, anger and healing. This film was a rollercoaster ride full of emotions: sometimes sad, sometimes funny, sometimes embarrassing. The music was always most appropriate and appealing. The camera was occasionally stable, yet also shaky. In a word, the film was superb."
Special Mention An Cailín Ciúin
by Colm Bairéad, Ireland

Jury statement: "A beautiful film led us into an emotional, natural world full of love. The acting performance of the protagonist truly impressed us. The profoundly explored feelings were accompanied by sensitive music."
Crystal Bear for the Best Short Film Vlekkeloos
by Emma Branderhorst, Netherlands

Jury statement: "A taboo subject is finally being addressed. Something which all of mankind knows about, but hardly addresses. Stress, panic and desperation just because you don't have enough money for tampons. That has to change!"
Special Mention Luce and the Rock
by Britt Raes, Belgium / France / Netherlands

Jury statement: "A sweet animated film takes us to a fairy tale-like, colourful and yet literally rocky world. It reminds us that home is not necessarily where you were born, but where you have friends."
Generation Kplus International Jury
The Grand Prix of the International Jury in Generation Kplus for the Best Film An Cailín Ciúin
by Colm Bairéad, Ireland

Jury statement: “As many films in this year’s Generation Kplus competition, the winning film deals with the hardships of family life. It is a film with a delicate story full of details about childhood, grief, parenthood and rebuilding a family. The very strong narrative is combined with a stunning cinematography. The sound and the images create a unique atmosphere.”
Special Mention Shabu
by Shamira Raphaëla, Netherlands

Jury statement: “A film full of life, music and endearing characters. Freshness and energy are the main narrative elements, which transfer directly from the screen to the audience.”
The Special Prize of the International Jury in Generation Kplus for the Best Short Film Gavazn
by Hadi Babaeifar, Iran

Jury statement: “Through an amazing and poetic cinematography as well as authentic acting, this film tells a story about a boy who uses an ancient tale as a means of empowerment to save his brother. The storytelling was magnetic, mystic and truthful.”
Special Mention To Vancouver
by Artemis Anastasiadou, Greece

Jury statement: “By the means of magic and with a great performance, this film tenderly captures a story about young migrants, economic depression and learning to say goodbye.”
Youth Jury Generation 14plus
Crystal Bear for the Best Film Alis
by Clare Weiskopf and Nicolás van Hemelryck, Colombia / Chile / Romania

Jury statement: "A moving film which, utilising the simplest of means, creates an unbelievable closeness and intimacy. The protagonists and the audience are all confronted with pain and memories, albeit in a gentle manner. How do I manage to come to terms with my past without falling apart beneath it? The film answers this question with impressive honesty and directness."
Special Mention Stay Awake
by by Jamie Sisley, USA

Jury statement: "Raw and frighteningly concrete, the film thrusts us into an everyday life that is shaped by a recurring traumatic event. Throughout their common journey, the actors and their characters became our confidants while alternating between hope and disappointment. The film left us speechless and agitated."
Crystal Bear for the Best Short Film Born in Damascus
by Laura Wadha, United Kingdom

Jury statement: "Impressive and intimate in its narrative style, this short film convinced us and also prevailed against the strong competition. By virtue of this film, we have gained access to a new reality that we had never encountered before in everyday life. In an impenetrable style, the film examines the influence that repressed memories have on our identity. Long after the end of the film, each one of us had something to think about. We were all touched by this film in a very special way, and now we want to award this with our Crystal Bear for the Best Short Film."
Special Mention Nada para ver aqui
by Nicolas Bouchez, Portugal / Belgium / Hungary

Jury statement: "This short film is a work of art! Expressive and rich in contrast to the fast pace of daily life; at the same time observing and value-free, it allows itself the freedom to connect its own self to the images. The film conveys its content in a playful way, mostly without many words, and it invites you to think. Through the interaction of shapes, colours, edges, curves, sections, light and shadows, it clearly stands out from the other films."
Generation 14plus International Jury
The Grand Prix of the Generation 14plus International Jury for the Best Film
Kind Hearts
by Olivia Rochette and Gerard-Jan Claes, Belgium

Jury statement: “The first of two equal Grand Prix goes to a film that effortlessly plunges us into the lives of two ordinary young people, sharing a delicate insight in their emotional growth, while reminding us of the unpredictable and elusive nature of that thing called love.”

ex aequo

by Farkhat Sharipov, Kazakhstan

Jury statement: “The film is an intimate lens into some of the darker challenges facing young people today. But its strength is in its universality and strong and authentic performances. It explores the vulnerability of teenage girls at that pivotal moment in their lives when they are neither child nor adult. With moments of lightness and darkness — and a fantastic ending.”
Special Prize of the Generation 14plus International Jury for the Best Short Film Au revoir Jérôme !
by Adam Sillard, Gabrielle Selnet and Chloé Farr, France

Jury statement: “When this short film appeared on screen, all of us gasped with delight. The dark theatre was illuminated by brilliant colours, strange kaleidoscopic creatures in trees, hot dog dogs, and a fragile man who ultimately plummets and shatters to pieces. To the filmmakers, we say: Thank you for this trip.”
Special Mention Blaues Rauschen
by Simon Maria Kubiena, Germany / Austria

Jury statement: “We awarded a special mention to a film that, with just a few neat and precise strokes, portrays the struggle of a young conflicted man trying to finding his footing and his place in the world.”
Special Mention Tinashé
by Tig Terera, Australia

Jury statement: “Part of the joy of watching short films is to transport one into new worlds. There is an interesting truth in this film, where it reveals something about young people that feels fresh. It is complex and deep — and taps into a side of life in Australia we don’t usually see on screen.”