Una escuela en Cerro Hueso

A School in Cerro Hueso | Eine Schule in Cerro Hueso
“And why doesn’t she speak?” — “Well, because she can’t...she`s not pretending.”

There is a delicateness and fragility to her, as if she were made of glass. Now, at age six, Ema has to start school – yet most schools are unwilling to accept a pupil diagnosed on the autism spectrum. The only ones prepared to teach her are the staff of a small rural school on the Paraná River. For Ema‘s family, this means leaving the city behind to start a new life in the country. Being close to nature and spending time with a mare called Estrellita help Ema take some small but important steps. Thanks to the unprejudiced local community and above all the gentle friendship of her classmate Irena, she becomes increasingly able to participate in the world around her, in her very own way. Based on the director‘s own family history, Betania Cappato‘s film astutely and tenderly chronicles its young protagonist‘s inner journey.
by Betania Cappato
with Clementina Folmer, Mara Bestelli, Pablo Seijo, Irene Zequin, Ariel Núñez, Mónica Núñez, Carla Rucitti, Viviana Taus
Argentina 2021 Spanish 69’ Colour recommendation: 9 years and up

Part of the Berlinale Summer Special


  • Clementina Folmer (Ema)
  • Mara Bestelli (Julia)
  • Pablo Seijo (Antonio)
  • Irene Zequin (Irene)
  • Ariel Núñez (Dance Partner)
  • Mónica Núñez (Sonia)
  • Carla Rucitti (School Head Master)
  • Viviana Taus (Teacher)


DirectorBetania Cappato
ScreenplayBetania Cappato, Iván Fund
CinematographyIván Fund
EditingBetania Cappato, Iván Fund, Mariano Luque
MusicMauro Mourelos
Sound DesignLeandro de Loredo, Bechen de Loredo
SoundJuan Nanio
Production DesignAdrián Suárez
CostumesLuisina Agustini
Assistant DirectorMilton Secchi
Production ManagerGisel Bugliolo
ProducersIván Fund, Betania Cappato
Executive ProducerIván Fund
Co-ProducersLaura Mara Tablón, Gustavo Schiaffino, Alejandro Nantón, Guillermo Pineles
Co-ProductionRita Cine, Buenos Aires
Insomnia Films, Buenos Aires
Associate ProducerTres Sonido, Buenos Aires

Produced by

Iván Fund

Betania Cappato

The photographer and filmmaker was born in Colastine, Argentina in 1984 and studied at the Instituto Superior de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales de Santa Fe. Her documentary Frankie premiered at the Doc Buenos Aires film festival.


2018 Frankie; documentary 2021 Una escuela en Cerro Hueso (A School in Cerro Hueso)

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2021