Berlinale Topics 2021


Reshaping Cinematic Forms

Artistic Director Carlo Chatrian and head of programming Mark Peranson on a multifaceted, concentrated 2021 selection that is deeply rooted in the present

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A Cinematic Expedition

Carlo Chatrian and Mark Peranson on cinema as an explorer, the cinematographic unconscious and striking a balance among the selected works

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Berlinale Series

Playing With Expectations

Section head Julia Fidel on a strong year, the pleasure of the physicality of storytelling in a time of isolation, and the conquest of new geographical and narrative regions

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Berlinale Shorts

“Tell Me about Yourself so that I Can Understand the World”

A conversation with section head Anna Henckel-Donnersmarck

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Section head Michael Stütz on his experiences as a festival maker during the pandemic, radical aesthetics in the selection and a very special return to the Panorama

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On a Zig-Zag Course

How this year's films re-evaluate historical legacies and enter into new, uncharted and often unpredictable territory is outlined by section head Cristina Nord in the interview

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On Belonging, Not Belonging, and the Power of the Imagination

Section head Maryanne Redpath about the multi-faceted worlds young people are experiencing today

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Forum Expanded

The Days Float Through My Eyes

Section head Stefanie Schulte Strathaus and curator Uli Ziemons on a year in which travel was almost only possible in pictures, the temporality of ritual and the search for new formats for festivals and the cinema

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Perspektive Deutsches Kino

A Worldwide Search for Oneself

In the interview section head Linda Söffker discusses works full of personal stories, the search for stability in uncertain times and neglected voices in film

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Berlinale Talents

Conquering Dreamlands

All 2021 talks, panels and workshops featuring top-class guests on demand

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Berlinale Talents

Reality Check

A recap of the 2021 edition with project manager Christine Tröstrum and programme manager Florian Weghorn