En route

Inay and her brother get up without complaint. They give mom, just back from her nightshift, a kiss before getting their day rolling with dad. The two have perfectly mastered the art of matching his brisk pace while still engaging in determined dawdling, in order to be rewarded with a sweet pudding treat in the end. The director portrays sibling solidarity with great sensitivity, sharing a youthful perspective that hints at precarious living conditions.
by Marit Weerheijm
with Inay Heijblom, Alex Dosljak, Mike Libanon, Nanette Boxman, Zouhair Mtazi
Netherlands 2019 Dutch 10’ Colour recommendation: 8 years and up


  • Inay Heijblom (Inay)
  • Alex Dosljak (Alex)
  • Mike Libanon (Father)
  • Nanette Boxman (Mom)
  • Zouhair Mtazi (Volunteer)


Written and Directed byMarit Weerheijm
CinematographyMartijn Melis
EditingFatih Tura
Sound DesignTom Jansen
SoundLuuk Hoogstraten
Production DesignClara Bragdon
CostumesKristien Lammers
Make-UpIvette van Luijk
Assistant DirectorRené Jonkers
CastingSusanne Groen
Production ManagerJasper Pol
ProducersLoes Komen, Eva Verweij

Produced by

Room for Film

Marit Weerheijm

Born in Utrecht, the Netherlands in 1992. She graduated with a directing degree from the Netherlands Film Academy with the short film, When Grey Is a Colour, which won the Student Academy Award and screened to acclaim at international festivals. Her second short Before Dark was supported by the Dutch Film Fund. Alongside her short films, she also directs commercials. Her work is characterised by subtle storytelling and informed by her fascination with interpersonal relationships.

Filmography (short films)

2016 When Grey Is a Colour 2018 Before Dark 2019 En route

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