Photo Boulevard 2020

The festival photographers 2020 were: Ali Ghandtschi, Alexander Janetzko, Sandra Weller, Erik Weiss and Piero Chiussi for the Competition films, the special events and receptions and the Berlinale Special events | Dirk Michael Deckbar for the Competition films and Encounters | Stefanie Schmid Rincon for Berlinale Series | Dorothea Tuch for the Berlinale Shorts | Brigitte Dummer and Gundula Krüger in the Panorama | Ronny Heine in the Panorama and for „On Transmission“ | Dario Lehner in the Forum | Kay Strasser in the Forum Expanded | Max Kullmann and Jan Kraus for Generation | Daniel Seiffert in the Perspektive Deutsches Kino | Piero Chiussi for the Retrospective | Peter Kreibich for Berlinale Goes Kiez | Peter Himsel and David Ausserhofer for Berlinale Talents | Juliane Eirich, Lia Darjes and Angela Regenbrecht for the European Film Market | Carlos Collado and Lydia Hesse for the Berlinale Co-Production Market | Jan Windszus and Cécile Mella for the sponsorship department.