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Alicia logs in to her favourite video channel. Her husband doesn’t need to know. She avidly follows the gaming progress of Youtuber Víctor, their son. This time viewers are asking him questions, which soon become more personal. When the subject turns to his estranged parents, the mood changes. Shot with an intense minimalism, the film tells the story of a silence that has lasted for years, but which is broken in a second.

Jorge Yúdice

Spain 2019


5’ · Colour

World premiere


Marta Bayarri (Alicia)
Alejandro Bordanove (Víctor)
Javier Casamayor (Father)


Written and directed by
Jorge Yúdice
Director of Photography
Julieta Lutti
Guillermo A. Chaia
Sound Design
Marc Solà
Pau Resom
Production Design
Nil Boada
Carmina Camps
Assistant Director
Zebina Guerra
Jorge Yúdice
Executive Producer
Jorge Yúdice


Jorge Yúdice

Born in Valencia, Spain in 1983, he studied at the Escola Superior de Cinema i Audiovisuals de Catalunya (ESCAC) in Barcelona. Alongside his work as an advertising editor, he directs short films including Bus Story which has screened at over one hundred festivals and won several awards. He is currently preparing his feature film debut.

Filmography (short films)

2011 Llums 2012 Simetría 2016 Bus Story 2017 Rip Pole 2018 Cocodrilo (Crocodile)

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Produced by

The House of Films

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The House of Films