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Generation 14+ Special Screening



To mark the 30th anniversary of the Jerusalem Sam Spiegel Film School (JSFS), Generation is devoting a short film programme to the outstanding work of this Israeli film school. Co-curated by Renen Schorr, founding director of the JSFS, and Maryanne Redpath, head of Generation, the programme presents six short films from the years 1997 to 2015 and examines the lives of young Israelis, which have been shaped by conflict and siege: A Scarred Generation.

Mushkie has not told any of her friends or family that she has a boyfriend, and that she has already slept with him. But it isn’t easy. After an embarrassing mishap, the young woman is glad she can rely on her best friend Sari to keep the secret.

Aleeza Chanowitz


Hebrew, English

13’ · Colour


Aleeza Chanowitz
Talia Berger-Benkoe
Amit Roth


Written and directed by
Aleeza Chanowitz
Director of Photography
Danel Elpeleg
Uriya Hertz
Aleeza Chanowitz
Talia Garber

Produced by

Jerusalem Sam Spiegel Film School