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Generation 14+ Special Screening

Eich ratsachti et Rabin

How I Killed Rabin


To mark the 30th anniversary of the Jerusalem Sam Spiegel Film School (JSFS), Generation is devoting a short film programme to the outstanding work of this Israeli film school. Co-curated by Renen Schorr, founding director of the JSFS, and Maryanne Redpath, head of Generation, the programme presents six short films from the years 1997 to 2015 and examines the lives of young Israelis, which have been shaped by conflict and siege: A Scarred Generation.

Don’t step on the lines, always write from bottom to top – the young Itamar has set up strict rules to take control of his own destiny. At a peace demonstration, he finds himself become closer to his true love, and the system of rules starts to go out of control.

Michael Alalu



18’ · Colour


Orian Diamond
Meitar Raz Galili


Written and directed by
Michael Alalu
Director of Photography
Ohad Oz
Raphael Levin
Asher Goldschmidt
Eviatar Brunschtein

Produced by

Jerusalem Sam Spiegel Film School