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Last Child

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A married couple who run a small interior decorating business have yet to get over the death of their son Eunchan, who drowned while trying to save a friend’s life. One day, the boy’s father watches as the surviving boy, Kihyun, is bullied by his friends. He intervenes and befriends the seemingly rootless boy, and gives him a job in his store.
This directorial debut looks at how grief works. As the three protagonists paint, put up wallpaper, and cook together, everyday tasks become a matter of course once again, and the three develop a shared rhythm; they could almost be mistaken for a family. But the closer the trio becomes, the guiltier Kihyun feels. Finally he confesses the truth about Eunchan: he was not the noble saviour everyone believes him to have been. Sadness curdles into a desire for revenge. But the film retains its calm, and its hugely focused visual compositions provide space for all kinds of emotional outbursts. The provincial setting, precisely drawn, becomes a stage where questions of vengeance and atonement are played out.

Shin Dong-seok

Republic of Korea 2017


124’ · Colour


Choi Moo-seong (Sungcheol)
Kim Yeo-jin (Misook)
Seong Yu-bin (Kihyun)


Written and directed by
Shin Dong-seok
Director of Photography
Lee Zi-hoon
Lee Young-lim
Kim Hae-won
Sound Design
Lee Sung-june
Jin Dong-hoon
Production Design
Kim Young-tak
Je Jeong-ju


Shin Dong-seok

Born in Jeonju, South Korea in 1978. In 2006, he earned a degree in Filmmaking. Following two short films, Last Child is his first feature film.


2005 Stirring Ripple (Mul-gyeo-ri ilda); 21 min. 2006 Gahee & B.H. (Ga-hui-wa BH); 22 min. 2017 Last Child

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