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Perspektive Deutsches Kino

Könige der Welt

We were kings

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There’s a particular magic inherent in every beginning. And a cool spell which sets the magic in motion is part of it. Around the turn of the millennium, garage band Union Youth from Lower Saxony records a demo tape and send it to the major music labels in the US. Attached to the recording is a little yellow note which says: ‘We promise we’re gonna be the best rock band of all time. And if you don’t believe that – fuck off!’
Fifteen years on: the memories of their brief triumphant rise have long since faded on old video tapes – not to mention recollections of the long nightmarish descent through the purgatory that is failure. One day Maze, the band’s singer, decides to return to what he loves most: music. The old gang comes together. Will they manage to reinvent themselves? They already have a name, PICTURES. But their rehearsals are an odd affair and at some point Maze simply stops coming. The friends begin to realise that he’s in trouble: drugs and depression are causing him to lose his grip and his sense of who he is. But in spite of their fears they are determined to collectively take on the responsibility for their project – a new tour, a new start. The dream begins.

Christian von Brockhausen
Timo Großpietsch

Germany 2017


Documentary form
94’ · Colour


Maze Exler
Michael Borwitzky
Ole Fries
Markus Krieg


Christian von Brockhausen, Timo Großpietsch
Director of Photography
Christian von Brockhausen, Timo Großpietsch
Andreas von Huene
PICTURES, Union Youth et al.
Sound Design
Michel Wähling
Christian von Brockhausen, Timo Großpietsch
Production Management
Bettina Wieselhuber
Commissioning Editor
Barbara Denz
Olaf Jacobs


Christian von Brockhausen

Born in Hanover, Germany in 1979, he studied politics in Cologne. In 2008 he joined public broadcaster NDR as an intern and has since worked as a writer, director and editor.

Filmography (documentaries)

2012 Hudekamp – ein Heimatfilm (Hudekamp) 2017 Könige der Welt (We were kings)

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2017

Timo Großpietsch

Born in Hamburg, Germany in 1977, he studied media and cultural anthropology at the University of Hamburg as well as photography and documentary film at the University of Fine Arts of Hamburg. He joined German public broadcaster NDR as an intern and is now an editor and documentary filmmaker.

Filmography (documentaries)

2015 STADT (THE CITY) 2017 Könige der Welt (We were kings)

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2017

Produced by


Hoferichter & Jacobs GmbH