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At Elske Pia

Loving Pia

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Sixty-year-old Pia is intellectually disabled and lives with her aging mother Guittou in a farmhouse on the Danish island of Langeland. She dreams of meeting a man. She dreams of a Frenchman named José from Larzac, who she knows from television and with whom she could make pizza and rosehip juice. The days come and go. Pia does exercises and strolls along the beach; she reads books, visits a day centre in the city and looks after her goose Lola with tenderness. Her conversations with her mother focus on the future – how and where will Pia live once Guittou dies? One day Pia meets Jens at the harbour. The two of them get talking and start spending time together. They go to Copenhagen for a weekend and visit the Den Blå Planet aquarium.
At Elske Pia spins a fictional tale that is based on Pia’s real life and is embedded in her everyday routines. With gentleness and lyricism, Daniel Borgman allows his protagonist’s thoughts, dreams and wishes to inform the story. An impressive hybrid film shot on 16 mm, a declaration of love to Pia.

Daniel Borgman

Denmark 2017


100’ · Colour


Pia Skovgaard (Pia)
Céline Skovgaard (Pia’s Mother)
Jens Jensen (The Man)
Putte Jensen (The Sister)


Written and directed by
Daniel Borgman
Director of Photography
Daniel Borgman
Sofie Marie Kristensen
Kristian Paulsen
Sound Design
Anne Gry Friis Kristensen, Philip Nicolai Flindt
Sigrid DPA Jensen, Dan Isager, Mark Vesterkov
Katja Adomeit


Daniel Borgman

Born in Dunedin, New Zealand in 1981. He studied Film at Otago University in New Zealand before he started studying at the Danish film school Super 16, his graduation project being an experimental live film/theatre/happening, entitled "How to Say Goodbye". At Elske Pia ist his second feature-length film.


2008 Manden og Mågen (The Man and the Albatross); 24 min. 2009 Lars and Peter; 15 min. 2011 Berik; 15 min. 2012 Brainy; 30 min. 2013 The Weight of Elephants; 83 min., Berlinale Forum 2013 2017 At Elske Pia (Loving Pia)

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2017

Produced by

Adomeit Film