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Dick Tracy

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In 1930s Chicago, gangster boss Big Boy Caprice runs the underworld. Valiant police detective Dick Tracy only just manages to arrest an under-age petty thief; the kind-hearted cop then immediately adopts the street urchin. When Big Boy Caprice kills a rival club owner, singer Breathless Mahoney is the only witness. But instead of fingering the crime boss, she tries to seduce Dick Tracy, which inspires the jealousy of Tracy’s girlfriend Tess Trueheart. Just when it looks as if the blameless police detective will succeed in putting a stop to Big Boy, an unknown man appears on the scene and kidnaps Tess ... Dick Tracy set the standard for a successful film version of a comic book. In designing the costumes, Milena Canonero restricted herself to the five colours that Chester Gould used for the original comics, clothing the characters largely in monotones – bright yellow, ruby red or aquamarine. The sharp lines of the men’s suits and the dresses that emphasised Madonna’s curves in the role of the siren Breathless moved style journalist Betty Goodwin to exclaim in 1990, “forget about high fashion – this movie is a fashion high!”

Warren Beatty

USA 1990


105’ · Colour · 2K DCP

Digitally restored version

Rating R12


Warren Beatty
Al Pacino
Charlie Korsmo
Dustin Hoffman
William Forsythe
Glenne Headly
Paul Sovino


Warren Beatty
Jim Cash, Jack Epps, Jr., based on characters from “Dick Tracy” (1931) by Chester Gould
Director of Photography
Vittorio Storaro
Richard Marks
Danny Elfman
Dennis Drummond
Production Design
Richard Sylbert
Art Director
Harold Michelson
Special Effects
Michael Lloyd, Harrison Ellenshaw
Milena Canonero
Assistant Costume Designer
Judianna Makovsky
Cheri Minns
Warren Beatty

Produced by

Touchstone Pictures/Silver Screen Partners IV

DCP: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Germany, München