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Le cinquième élément

The Fifth Element

Das fünfte Element

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In the year 2263, an extraterrestrial drops in to the flying New York taxi of former special forces officer Korben Dallas. Beautiful Leeloo is on Earth to save the planet from destruction by absolute evil. To do that, she needs four stones symbolising the four elements, which are in the possession of an alien opera star performing on the planet Fhloston Paradise. To capture the stones, Dallas and Leeloo must overcome the attempts at world domination by weapons dealer Zorg, attacks by his mercenary army of hideous Mangalores and the cheerfulness of entertainer Ruby Rhod ... “The future is fun”. Inspired by the work of cartoonists Moebius and Jean-Claude Mézières, Luc Besson created a colourful counterpoint to the dystopian “neo noir” look. Borrowing from the urban prophecies in Metropolis and Blade Runner, and with the aid of novel make-up design and a combination of chromakey and digital effects, the film is a post-modern mix of styles and epochs. But it was above all the designs of fashion icon Jean-Paul Gaultier, who created 300 costumes that were as extravagant as they were erotic, that turned the screen into an intergalactic catwalk showing off a society of the spectacle.

Luc Besson

France 1997


126 min · Colour · 4K DCP

Digitally restored version 2016

Rating R12


Bruce Willis
Gary Oldman
Ian Holm
Milla Jovovich
Chris Tucker
Luke Perry
Brion James
Lee Evans
Mathieu Kassovitz


Luc Besson
Luc Besson, Robert Mark Kamen, based on an idea by Luc Besson
Director of Photography
Thierry Arbogast
Sylvie Landra
Éric Serra
Daniel Brisseau
Production Design
Dan Weil
Jean Paul Gaultier
Lois Burwell
Patrice Ledoux

Produced by

Neuilly sur Seine, France
+33 1 46432242

DCP: Gaumont, Neuilly sur Seine