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Designprozesse beim Film und Auto

Interdisciplinary cooperations between Art Departments and Industry Design

Interdisziplinäre Kooperation zwischen Filmstudios und Industriedesignern

Interdisciplinarity in the creation of digital worlds is - literally - picking up speed, in both the film and car industries. Lightning-fast car chases, fantastic fairytale sets and stylish future worlds: the cinema gives rise to environments hovering on the fine line between reality and fiction. For this, the art departments and set designers closely collaborate with the product and industrial designers from the car industry. Design processes of the future follow new rules. How does creative work change within a society? In the future, what kind of overlaps will there be between digital fiction and analogue reality in cars and films? Producer and CEO of Studio Babelsberg AG Dr Carl Woebcken, Björn Wehrli, Exterieur Design AUDI AG, Christoph Malessa, COO Executive Producer Pixomondo, and visual effects designer Wolf Bosse from the Art Department Babelsberg provide an insight into the technical side of the creative process and discuss similarities in the creation of new prototypes and fictional worlds.

2015, 60 min