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Coming Out

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An ambulance races down the streets of Berlin on New Year’s Eve. A young man, Matthias, has taken an overdose of sleeping pills and is wrestling with death. A flashback: an ambitious young teacher named Philipp Klahrmann is well-liked by his pupils and a fellow teacher, Tanja. When she falls in love with him they become a couple. But then Philipp runs into Jacob, an old school friend, who reminds him of their former homosexual relationship. Philipp has been repressing his predisposition for years but can do so no longer. He meets Matthias and falls in love with him. His passionate relationship with this young man puts him in a dilemma. He is fond of Tanja, who is now expecting his child, and does not want to disappoint her. Philip embarks on a painful process of finding himself. Not knowing what to do with himself or how to cope with his problems, he instead alienates everyone else. Upset and affronted, Tanja distances herself from him, and Matthias, who is deeply in love with Philipp, tries to commit suicide. In the end, Philipp manages to overcome his fear of public opinion and comes out of the closet.
DEFA Foundation

Germany (GDR 1949 to 1990) 1989, 109 min


Heiner Carow


Matthias Freihof
Dagmar Manzel
Dirk Kummer
Michael Gwisdek
Werner Dissel
Gudrun Ritter
Walfriede Schmitt
Axel Wandtke
Pierre Sanoussi-Bliss
René Schmidt
Thomas Gumpert
Ursula Staack
Robert Hummel
Horst Ziethen
Gertraud Kreißig

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