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The Beat Beneath My Feet

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"Don’t wake me up" sings Tom in his first ever song. He dreams of becoming a great rock musician but in reality he sees himself as a loser. He has no friends, is bullied at school and has a hard time with his strict mother. Ever since Tom’s father – who played in a band – left her with their child, she considers rock music a bad influence. Tom is really only happy when secretly sitting on the roof of their social housing block, plucking at his guitar and dreaming.
One day a stranger moves into the flat below. All day long he mercilessly turns up his wardrobe-sized speakers to top volume. The man is eccentric and unapproachable but Tom is fascinated by what is coming through the walls. He soon discovers that this weirdo is none other than the legendary Max Stone who, 20 years before, was a celebrated guitarist in the band Nothing. People say he died in mysterious circumstances. But here he is, living under a false name to avoid paying his tax debt. Tom sees his chance and threatens to blow Max's cover if he does not teach him everything he knows about music. Reluctantly, Max agrees, but soon begins to enjoy his new role as teacher when he realises that this strange boy is actually talented.

United Kingdom 2014, 91 min


John Williams


Nicholas Galitzine
Luke Perry
Lisa Dillon
Verity Pinter
James Tarpey
Simon Lowe
Ian Virgo

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