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Jan 17, 2014:
Panorama 2014: Selection of Fictional Features for Main Programme and Panorama Special Now Complete

With 24 of them world premieres, 36 films from 29 countries will give an overview of current international fictional-feature production. Most recently invited are works from Norway, Ethiopia, Mexico, India, Iran, Georgia, Greece, Hungary and Austria – with returning filmmakers Elfi Mikesch and Umut Dağ, who opened Panorama 2012 with Kuma, his directorial debut.

Hoàng Phi in Nước (2030) by Nghiêm-Minh Nguyễn-Võ

The titles just added include a remarkable number of Asian productions:
In Ieji (Homeland) by Nao Kubota (Japan), a farmer’s son, who first fled to the city, explores his home village in the Fukushima district, an area that is actually still a no-go zone.
In the South Korean film Night Flight, LeeSong Hee-il presents a poignantly unsettling duel between two schoolmates in a society deeply disturbed by the pressure to succeed. LeeSong previously showed the films No Regret and White Night in Panorama.
One of this year’s most astonishing debuts comes from 21-year-old Zhou Hao from the People’s Republic of China: the rough intimacy and confident sense of style in his film YE (The Night) are reminiscent of Fassbinder, Genet or Wong Kar Wai.
Masters of Hong Kong cinema are now also in the line-up: Dante Lam, who in Mo Jing (That Demon Within) successfully employs the entertaining means of an action film to raise great moral issues; and Fruit Chan, who in The Midnight After has adapted an online serial novel, and given it a mysterious apocalyptic vibe – Chan’s 2005 Panorama entry, Dumplings, also still brings back fierce memories.
Two Philippine and two Taiwanese works were announced earlier. They will be complemented by a film from well-known Taiwanese-Malaysian director Tsai Ming-liang. He will present the next segment of his experimental “Walker” series, entitled Xi You (Journey to the West), a French production with Lee Kang Sheng and Denis Lavant.

Opening films
Panorama’s main programme will open on Thursday, February 6, with a Vietnamese sci-fi surprise: Nước (2030) by Nghiêm-Minh Nguyễn-Võ. Ocean levels have risen and the land of many farmers is now under water. Vegetables are cultivated on floating farms, a catastrophic situation from which global corporations want to profit.

Panorama main-programme premieres will be showing at CinemaxX 7.

On February 7, the same day Jalil Lespert’s film Yves Saint Laurent, as already announced, is opening Panorama Special, US-American filmmaker Ira Sachs will present his latest work, Love Is Strange, with Alfred Molina, John Lithgow and Marisa Tomei. (In 2005, Sachs showed Forty Shades of Blue in Panorama; and in 2012, Keep the Lights on.) With these two films, the Berlinale is returning to the newly reopened Zoo Palast in the city’s western centre.

The complete programme of Panorama Dokumente will be announced in the next press release.

Here is the list of the most recently selected films:

Panorama fictional features

Asabani Nistam! (I'm Not Angry!) - Iran
by Reza Dormishian
With Baran Kosari, Navid Mohammadzadeh, Reza Behboudi, Misagh Zare, Bahram Afshari

Blind – Norway / Netherlands
by Eskil Vogt
With Ellen Dorrit Petersen, Henrik Rafaelsen, Vera Vitali, Marius Kolbenstvedt

Difret - Ethopia
by Zeresenay Berhane Mehari
With Meron Getnet, Tizita Hagere

Fieber (Fever) – Luxembourg / Austria
By Elfi Mikesch
With Eva Mattes, Martin Wuttke, Carolina Cardoso, Nicole Max, Sascha Ley

Güeros - Mexico
By Alonso Ruízpalacios
With Ilse Salas

Highway - India
By Imtiaz Ali
With Randeep Hooda, Alia Bhatt

Ieji (Homeland) - Japan
By Nao Kubota
With Kenichi Matsuyama, Yuko Tanaka, Sakura Ando, Takashi Yamanaka, Seiyo Uchino

In Grazia di Dio - Italy
By Edoardo Winspeare
With Celeste Casciaro, Laura Licchetta, Barbara De Matteis, Anna Boccadamo, Gustavo Caputo

Love Is Strange - USA
By Ira Sachs
With John Lithgow, Alfred Molina, Marisa Tomei, Charlie Tahan, Cheyenne Jackson

Mo Jing (That Demon Within) – Hong Kong, China
By Dante Lam
With Daniel Wu, Nick Cheung

Na kathese ke na kitas (Standing Aside, Watching) - Greece
By Yorgos Servetas
With Marina Symeou, Marianthi Pantelopoulou, Yorgos Kafetzopoulos, Nikos Georgakis

Night Flight – Republic of Korea
By LeeSong Hee-il
With Lee Jae-jun, Kwak Shi-yang

Nước (2030) - Vietnam
By Nghiêm-Minh Nguyễn-Võ
With Quỳnh Hoa, Quý Bình, Thạch Kim Long, Hoàng Trần Minh Đức, Hoàng Phi

Patardzlebi (Brides) – Georgia / France
By Tinatin Kajrishvili
With Mari Kitia, Giorgi Maskharashvili

Risse im Beton (Cracks in Concrete) - Austria
By Umut Dağ
With Murathan Muslu, Alechan Tagaev, Mehmet Ali Salman, Erdem Turkoglu, Ivan Kriznjak

The Midnight After – Hong Kong, China
By Fruit Chan
With Wong You-nam, Simon Yam, Kara Hui, Janice Man, Suet Lam

Viharsarok (Land of Storms) - Hungary
By Adam Császi
With Andras Sütő, Ádám Varga, Sebastian Urzendowsky

YE (The Night) – People’s Republic of China
By Hao Zhou
With Zhou Hao, Liu Xiao Xiao, Li Jin Kang, Zhou Feng Qi

Previously announced fictional features

Arrête ou je continue (If You Don't, I Will) by Sophie Fillières, France (WP)
Bai Mi Zha Dan Ke (The Rice Bomber) by Cho Li, Taiwan (WP)
Bing Du (Ice Poison) by Midi Z, Taiwan / Myanmar (WP)
Calvary by John Michael McDonagh, Ireland / United Kingdom (EP)
Hoje Eu Quero Voltar Sozinho (The Way He Looks) by Daniel Ribeiro, Brazil (WP)
Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy? by Michel Gondry, France (EP)
O Homem das Multidões (The Man of the Crowd) by Marcelo Gomes, Cao Guimarães, Brazil (IP)
Papilio Buddha by Jayan Cherian, India / USA (EP)
Quick Change by Eduardo Roy Jr., Philippines (IP)
Stereo by Maximilian Erlenwein, Germany (WP)
Test by Chris Mason Johnson, USA (EP)
The Better Angels by A. J Edwards, USA (IP)
Kuzu (The Lamb) by Kutluğ Ataman, Germany / Turkey (WP)
Things People Do by Saar Klein, USA (WP)
Triptyque (Triptych) by Robert Lepage, Pedro Pires, Canada (EP)
Über-Ich und Du (Superegos) by Benjamin Heisenberg, Germany / Switzerland / Austria (WP)
Unfriend by Joselito Altarejos, Philippines (WP)
Xi You (Journey to the West) by Tsai Ming-liang, France / Taiwan (WP)
Yves Saint Laurent by Jalil Lespert, France (IP)

(WP= World Premiere, IP= International Premiere, EP = European Premiere)

Press Office
January 17, 2014

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