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Feb 18, 2012:
Berlinale 2012: Crystal Bears and Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk Awards in Generation Kplus

The members of the Generation Kplus Children's Jury

Kimia Godarzani-Bakhtiari
Rosa Münchmeyer
Anne Marie Dominik Fittje
Nikita Neitzke
Justin Braun
Fion Mutert
Victor Neumeister
Lale Öztoprak
Anna Luisa Cruz
Pia Jacqueline Heß
Simon Kajdi

award the following prizes:

Crystal Bear for the Best Film
by Olivia Silver
A family realises that it cannot just run away from its problems. We were deeply touched by the authentic story and the natural actors. A long journey and a moving film in all respects!

Special Mention
Kikoeteru, furi wo sita dake (Als hätte ich dich gehört)
by Kaori Imaizumi
A profound exploration of death which forced us to think. We were captivated by the long, haunting sequences with hardly any music which brought us close to a child learning to express her feelings.

Crystal Bear for the Best Short Film
by Matthew Moore
A sophisticated film which accompanies a misunderstood boy on his way to popularity with wit and lightness of touch. The fantastic actor displays his phenomenal talent in portraying the smart protagonist - and surprises us in the process. Really great cinema!

Special Mention
by Billie Pleffer
Without words, we are told the story of a lonely boy who risks his very life in search of friendship. It was the eyes of the lead actor in particular that we found so fascinating.

The members of the Generation Kplus International Jury 2012

Marc Cousins
Rasmus Horskjær
Frieder Schlaich
Marité Ugàs
Maxine Williamson

award the following prizes:

Grand Prix of the Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk for the Best Film
by Boudewijn Koole
Through a distinctly intimate style we are sucked into and moved by a young boys struggle for finding his way out of almost unbearable grief. Beautiful cinematic moments, a little black bird and blue bubble gum are the ingredients that make this a truly original film. A story about love, and the dark and light moments of a father and a son.

Special Mention
by Rajan Khosa
We felt the potential for life's wonders could be seen in every child's eye; and in particular, the boundless ingenuity of the young rascal was utterly compelling. Along with the heavenly dueling spectacle throughout, this combination created a humorous, energetic and joyous ride. We award this film for capturing the ironies, the complexities and the vitality of India.

Special Prize of the Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk for the Best Short Film
by Billie Pleffer
Our winning film is an extremely cinematic portait of otherworldly boys. We loved the film's rebelliousness, its beautiful compositions, its lack of dialogue, its world of isolated youth - tense, imaginative and full of risk.

Special Mention
by Thais Fujinaga
Our Special Mention goes to a film about young people not comfortable in their own bodies. We loved the way the theme emerges visually, not through dialogue, and the bold way in which the kids hurt each other. The film is funny and true about youth, and features a great romantic moment when toes seem to kiss each other.

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February 18, 2012

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