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Jan 12, 2011:
Comebacks and Outbreaks - Berlinale Generation Juries and Programme

A total of 59 films from 30 countries have been selected for the competition of Generation Kplus and Generation 14plus. They include many works by directors who were guests of Generation in previous years, as well as an extraordinary number of feature film debuts.


The Generation International Jury presents the awards of the Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk valued at 10,000 Euros. Five personalities have been invited to be on the jury: Hong Kong Chinese producer and director Mabel Cheung produced Shui Yuet Sun Tau, last year’s Crystal Bear winner. New Zealand director Taika Waititi won the Grand Prix of the Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk for Boy in 2010. Filmmaker Felix Gönnert from Germany is known at Generation for his brilliantly animated, prize-winning short films. In 2010, Australian director and producer of indigenous cinema Rachel Perkins presented Bran Nue Dae at Generation 14plus. With Jonathan Davis, the jury also includes an expert on European film policy.

Eleven children from Berlin between the ages of eleven and 14 as well as seven young adults have been invited to be on the Children’s and Youth Juries. They will award Crystal Bears for the Best Short and Best Feature in the Generation Kplus and 14plus competitions.


The young protagonists in this year’s films seek confrontation both with others and themselves. “Many of these films explore the inner perspectives of adolescents. In the outside world they encounter guardian angels and anti-heroes, although ultimately it is their own selves that they often come painfully close to,” says section director Maryanne Redpath.

US independent cinema makes a deep and dynamic impact: from tobacco fields in West Kentucky to icescapes in Alaska, young filmmakers tell about coming of age in the USA, at locations remote from the cities. Also real and poetic, between love and country life, is the German feature film Stadt Land Fluss (Harvest) by Benjamin Cantu.

Peruvian director Rosario García-Montero will be concluding a very personal journey: the Berlinale Talent Campus, Talent Project Market and World Cinema Fund were some of the landmarks in making her film Las Malas Intenciones (The Bad Intentions), which will now celebrate its world premiere at Generation. A Berlinale Co-Production Market project has also been selected for Generation: HaDikduk HaPnimi (Intimate Grammar) by Israeli filmmaker Nir Bergman (Panorama 2003: Broken Wings).

Five exceptionally entertaining feature films for the very young come from the Scandinavian countries and the Netherlands. The 32 invited short films complete the programme with their diverse exploration of other worlds – and they do so for audiences of all ages. For Generation, art house starts at the age of four.

British director Tim Pritchard's documentary Street Kids United will have a special screening on the Generation platform. The film accompanies a young South African football team as they train for the “Street Child World Cup”.

Generation Kplus - feature length films

A Pas de Loup (On The Sly) by Olivier Ringer, Belgium/France 2011, World premiere

Bad o Meh (Wind & Fog) by Mohammad Ali Talebi, Iran 2011, World premiere

Den kæmpestore bjørn (The Great Bear) by Esben Toft Jacobsen, Denmark 2011, Animation, International premiere

De Sterkste Man van Nederland (The strongest man in Holland) by Mark de Cloe, Netherlands 2010, International premiere

HaDikduk HaPnimi (Intimate Grammar) by Nir Bergman, Israel 2010

Jørgen + Anne = Sant (Totally True Love) by Anne Sewitsky, Norway/Germany 2010, World premiere

Jutro będzie lepiej (Tomorrow will be better) by Dorota Kędzierzawska, Poland/Japan 2010

Keeper`n til Liverpool (The Liverpool Goalie) by Arild Andresen, Norway 2010, International premiere

Knerten gifter seg (Twigson ties the knot) by Martin Lund, Norway 2010, International premiere

Las Malas Intenciones (The Bad Intentions) by Rosario García-Montero, Peru/Germany /Argentina 2011, World premiere

Mabul (The Flood) by Guy Nattiv, Israel/Canada/Germany/France 2010, International premiere

Sampaguita, National Flower by Francis Xavier E. Pasion, Philippines 2010, documentary

Une vie de chat (A Cat In Paris) by Alain Gagnol and Jean-Loup Felicioli, France/Belgium/Netherlands/Switzerland 2010, Animation

Generation 14plus – feature length films

Apflickorna (She Monkeys) by Lisa Aschan, Sweden 2011, International premiere

The Dynamiter by Matthew Gordon, USA 2010, World premiere

El Chico que Miente (The Kid Who Lies) by Marité Ugás, Venezuela/Peru 2011 / International premiere

Frit fald (Rebounce) by Heidi Maria Faisst, Denmark 2011, World premiere

Griff The Invisible by Leon Ford, Australia 2010

Jess + Moss by Clay Jeter, USA 2011, International premiere

Mit dem Bauch durch die Wand (Against All Odds) by Anka Schmid, Switzerland 2011, documentary, International premiere

On the Ice by Andrew Okpeaha MacLean, USA 2011, International premiere

Red Dog by Kriv Stenders, Australia 2010, World premiere

Shanzha shu zhi lian (Under The Hawthorn Tree) by Zhang Yimou, People’s Republic of China 2010

Skyskraber (Skyscraper) by Rune Schjøtt, Denmark 2010, World premiere

Stadt Land Fluss (Harvest) by Benjamin Cantu, Germany 2011, World premiere

West Is West by Andy De Emmony, Great Britain 2010

Generation – special screening (out of competition)

Street Kids United by Tim Pritchard, Great Britain/South Africa 2011, documentary, World premiere

Generation Kplus – short films

chalk by Martina Amati, Great Britain 2010

Dimanche (Sunday) by Patrick Doyon, Canada 2011, Animation

Det siste norske trollet (The Last Norwegian Troll) by Pjotr Sapegin, Norway 2010, Animation

Der grosse Bruder (The Big Brother) by Jesús Pérez, Elisabeth Hüttermann, Switzerland/Germany 2011, Animation

Ensolarado (Sunny) by Ricardo Targino, Brazil 2010

Ghesseh-haye yek khati (Simple Things) by Behzad Farahat, Iran 2010, Animation

Jag är rund (I am round) by Mario Adamson, Sweden 2011, Animation

Kuchao (A Gum Boy) by Masaki Okuda, Japan 2010, Animation

Land of the Heroes by Sahim Omar Kalifa, Belgium 2010

Lily by Kasimir Burgess, Australia 2010

Minnie Loves Junior by Andy Mullins, Matthew Mullins, Australia 2010

Mokhtar by Halima Ouardiri, Canada 2010

Pig by Tom McKeith, Australia 2011

Prilivi Tuda-Suda (Tides To and Fro) by Ivan Maximov, Russian Federation 2010, Animation, out of competition

Rabenjunge (Ravenboy) by Andrea Deppert, Germany 2011, Animation

Thomas by Alex Winckler, Great Britain 2010

Khane Fatemeh Kojast? (Where is Fatemeh’s House?) by Fereydon Najafi, Iran 2010

Zīļuks (Acorn Boy) by Dace Rīdūze, Latvia 2010, Animation

Generation 14plus - short films

Blokes (Blocks) by Marialy Rivas, Chile 2010

Calle Última (Ultima Street) by Marcelo Martinessi, Paraguay 2010

Chica XX Mujer by Isabell Šuba, Germany/France 2010

Crossing Salween by Brian O`Malley, Ireland 2010

Ebony Society by Tammy Davis, New Zealand 2010

Get Real! by Evert de Beijer, Netherlands 2010, Animation

Go The Dogs by Jackie van Beek, New Zealand/Australia 2011

Jenny by Ingvild Søderlind, Norway 2010

The Legend of Beaver Dam by Jerome Sable, Canada 2010

Manurewa by Sam Peacocke, New Zealand 2010

Pashmaloo (Hairy) by Ana Lily Amirpour, USA 2010

Sabeel by Khalid Al Mahmood, United Arab Emirates 2010

Tord och Tord (Tord And Tord) by Niki Lindroth von Bahr, Sweden 2010, Animation

Wapawekka by Danis Goulet, Canada 2010

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January 12, 2011

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