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Feb 20, 2010:
Berlinale 2010: Crystal Bears and Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk Awards in Generation Kplus

The members of the Children’s Jury Generation Kplus

Antonia Appel

Johan Bauch

Jakob Götz

Sophia Greiwe

Klara Hirseland

Joshua Krüger

Jonas Mileta

Zoë Noack

Elsa Rother

Gwendolyn Yma June Weber

Iwan Zinkovski

give the following awards:

Crystal Bear for the Best Film:

Shui Yuet Sun Tau

by Alex Law, Hongkong / China 2009

With its loving attention to detail, atmospheric lighting and emotional music, this film succeeded in creating a special atmosphere. The excellent actors gave us deep insight into a moving story about two brothers.

Special Mention:

This Way Of Life

by Thomas Burstyn, New Zealand / Canada 2009

A window opens to a wonderful different kind of world: A happy family living freely in nature. Respect for life and joy of being are what count in this film.

Crystal Bear for the Best Short Film:

Franswa Sharl

by Hannah Hillard, Australia 2009

We couldn’t help laughing when we saw this charming and funny story based on a true story. Non stop fun! For a moment we forgot the world around us. The actors were simply great.

Special Mention:


by Jack Price, Great Britain 2009

We were captivated by this fantastic and complex story about a boy’s special gift, in just 18 minutes.

The members of the International Jury Generation Kplus

Margret Albers

Kylie Du Fresne

Philippe Falardeau

Hana Makhmalbaf

Rowan O’Neill

give the following awards:

Grand Prix of the Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk for the Best Feature Film, worth 7,500 Euro:


by Taika Waititi, New Zealand 2010

With a genuine voice and a remarkable spirit, the winner is a film with bold direction, a fearless risk-taker. It tackles difficult subject matter not with preaching, sentimentality or self-pity but with humour, often treating tragedy and comedy simultaneously. Because it’s so enjoyable it is easy to underestimate the depth of this film. It is a rich mix of ideas which strike and collide to create poetic moments that speak, despite the remote location, to all of us today. With fantastic charismatic performances all around, including a striking moustache on the director.

Special Mention:


by Ounie Lecomte, Republic of Korea / France 2009

Starting from a perfectly balanced screenplay which deftly avoids the pitfalls of melodrama, this film pushes us into the perspective of an unhappy little girl undergoing terrible change and confusion. The sure, precise direction and the subtle, affecting performances allow us to share the young girl’s struggle as she confronts adversity not with passive acceptance, but with a raging life-force; an urge to die, yet a will to live. This jury was deeply moved by this film.

Special Prize of the Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk for the Best Short Film, worth 2,500 Euro:


by Felix Gönnert, Germany 2010

The winner is a delightfully unpredictable film which playfully creates two coherent worlds using simple yet dense imagery. Technically brilliant it is stylishly cinematic and results in a unique vision giving the viewer a completely satisfying experience.

Special Mention:

The Six Dollar Fifty Man

by Mark Albiston and Louis Sutherland, New Zealand 2009

Featuring powerful performances throughout the cast, our special mention is driven by a lead actor who is a real force of nature. With confident direction which re-energizes a familiar story, subverting expected outcomes, the film positively bubbles with emotion, anger and ultimately a small boy’s triumph.

Award ceremony and screening of the winning film today at 3.30 p.m. at the Zoo Palast.

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February 20, 2010