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Jan 22, 2010:
Berlinale 2010: the Panorama Is Now Complete with 54 Films

This year’s Panorama will present 18 feature films in its main programme, 16 will screen in Panorama Special and 20, in its Panorama Dokumente series. Of these films from 29 countries, 32 are world premieres, and 17 are directorial debuts.

Opening Films

The Panorama main programme will open on February 11 with the Russian film Veselchaki (Jolly Fellows) by Felix Mikhailov. The clandestine subculture of a Moscow club and its drag queen performers mirrors a profoundly homophobic society. A look at the performers’ families shows the harsh normality they have fled and the effort required by each of them not to fall apart as a result. Yet despite all obstacles, the protagonists learn to stand up for themselves.

Panorama Special opens on February 12 with Kawasakiho ruze (Kawasaki’s Rose) by Czech director Jan Hrebejk, who focuses on a dark chapter of not-so-distant history: after the Dubcek era, corruption, opportunism and pragmatism converge in the ill-fated mixture that has meant the destruction of all forms of revolution. The story of a family unfolds when the daughter asks her highly esteemed father painful questions - though the film is about truth and forgiveness, not revenge.

On February 12, with the film David Wants To Fly, Panorama Dokumente examines institutionalised obscuration such as is relevant against the backdrop of a worldwide rise in religiosity. The young Berlin filmmaker David Sieveking takes off in search of the deeper meaning behind his idol’s obsession with meditation, and so travels from Holland to the USA and India, and then back again to the Teufelsberg – Devil’s Mountain – in Berlin

Major Themes

The past and how it mirrors the present plays a central role in many of the feature and documentary films in this year’s Panorama programme. For instance, in Son Of Babylon, a boy and his grandmother set out to find the boy’s father, missing since the last Gulf War, and discover the horrors of recent Iraqi history. In the form of a modern Western, the Australian film Red Hill brings to light the criminal tactics of a racist police force outback. Whether in Brazil’s favelas (Bróder!), in the life of a German-Turkish woman in Turkey (Die Fremde / When We Leave), in a small Taiwanese town (Monga), or on a family manor in France (L'arbre et la forêt / Family Tree) or during the Adenauer era in the young Federal Republic of Germany (the documentary Fritz Bauer): in many of these films, the devastating consequences of a concoction of pragmatism, opportunism and corruption are glaring – be it in relation to the personal lives of the protagonists or to developments in society as a whole.

Panorama Dokumente

Aside from films deepening insight into political events - such as Shtikat Haarchion (A Film Unfinished), which is based on unedited footage from a Nazi propaganda film; Red, White & The Green, about the last election in Iran; or Cuchillo de Palo, which breaks the silence on gay persecution during the dictatorship in Paraguay – the programme includes works that are cinematographic in nature. For instance, Blank City, in which an array of US avant-garde artists from the 1970s and 1980s are reunited on the screen: from Amos Poe to John Waters, from founding father Jack Smith, Eric Mitchell and Lizzie Borden to Richard Kern and Lydia Lunch – all of whom also bring back to mind spectacular Berlinale appearances. Or Daniel Schmid - Le chat qui pense: a tribute to the Swiss film artist in which we encounter many great 1970s German film artists who still inspire us today: from Fassbinder, Ingrid Caven and Werner Schroeter to Peter Kern. What’s more, this series includes, for example, works about Rock Hudson and his role as a pioneering AIDS activist; and Candy Darling, the tragic Andy Warhol superstar. There is also Making The Boys, a film about the production of Mart Crowley’s legendary and politically explosive play from the late 1960s, "The Boys in the Band", a Broadway hit that was first made into a landmark film by William Friedkin in 1969.

Panorama Audience Award PPP

Many more than 20,000 viewers participate each year in selecting their favourite Panorama films. The winner is then re-screened at the award ceremony on the last day of the festival. This prize has been awarded since 1999 in cooperation with “radioeins” and “tip” magazine.

The 24th TEDDY – Queer Film Award at the Berlinale will be presented on Friday, February 19, 2010 in the STATION Berlin. The motto “Mein Name ist Mensch” is from a song by Ton Steine Scherben: the band’s lead vocalist, songwriter and actor Rio Reiser is being honoured with an homage this year. The Special TEDDY 2010 will go to the filmmaker and inspiration Werner Schroeter for his lifetime achievements.

In addition to the works already announced in the first Panorama press release (which is available at ) the following films will be screening:


Barriere (Boundaries) by Andreas Kleinert, Germany (WP)

with Volkram Zschiesche, Klara Manzel, Jan Dose, Julia Gorr, Matthias Habich

Due Vite per caso (One Life Maybe Two) by Alessandro Aronadio, Italy (WP)

with Lorenzo Balducci, Isabella Ragonese, Ivan Franek, Sarah Felberbaum

Fucking Different São Paulo by Rodrigo Diaz Diaz, Luiz René Guerra, Sabrina Greve, Joana Galvão, Monica Palazzo, Max Julien, Ricky Mastro, René Guerra, Silvia Lourenço, Gustavo Vinagre, Herman Barck, Luciana Lemos, Elzemann Neves, Germany/Brazil

Open by Jake Yuzna, USA (WP)

with Gaea Gaddy, Tempest Crane, Morty Diamond, Daniel Luedtke

Propavshyi bez vesty (Missing Man) by Anna Fenchenko, Russian Federation

with Andrey Filippack, Rasim Djafarov, Polina Kamanina, Ludmila Geroeva, Yuris Lautsinsh

The Owls by Cheryl Dunye, USA, (WP)

with Guinevere Turner, Lisa Gornick, V.S. Brodie

Veselchaki (Jolly Fellows) by Felix Mikhailov, Russian Federation

with Renata Litvinova, Ingeborga Dopkunaite, Danila Kozlovsky, Alexey Klimushkin, Alexander Mokhov, Mazia Shalaeva

Zona Sur (Southern District) by Juan Carlos Valdivia, Bolivia

with Ninón Del Castillo, Pascual Loayza, Nicolás Fernández, Juan Pablo Koria, Mariana Vargas


Bróder! (Broder!) by Jeferson De, Brazil

with Caio Blat, Jonathan Haagensen, Silvio Guindane, Cássia Kiss, Ailton Graça

Die Fremde (When We Leave) by Feo Aladag, Germany (WP)

with Sibel Kekilli, Florian Lukas, Derya Alabora, Tamer Yigit

Father of Invention by Trent Cooper, USA (WP)

with Kevin Spacey, Camilla Belle, Heather Graham, Johnny Knoxville, Virginia Madsen

Mine vaganti (Loose Cannons) by Ferzan Ozpetek, Italy (WP)

with Riccardo Scamarcio, Nicole Grimaudo, Alessandro Preziosi, Ennio Fantastichini, Lunetta Savino

Monga by Doze, Niu Chen-Zer, Taiwan (WP)

with Ethan Juan, Mark Chao, Ma Ju-lung, Ko Chia-yen

Paha perhe (Bad Family) by Aleksi Salmenperä, Finland

with Ville Virtanen, Lauri Tilkanen, Pihla Viitala

Red Hill by Patrick Hughes, Australia, (WP)

with Ryan Kwanten, Steve Bisley, Tom E. Lewis

Welcome To The Rileys by Jake Scott, USA (WP)

with James Gandolfini, Kristen Stewart, Melissa Leo


Arias With A Twist The Movie by Bobby Sheehan, USA (WP)

with Joey Arias, Basil Twist

Blank City by Céline Danhier, USA

Budrus by Julia Bacha, USA

Cuchillo de palo (108) by Renate Costa, Spain (WP)

Daniel Schmid - Le chat qui pense by Pascal Hofmann, Benny Jaberg, Switzerland (WP)

with Ingrid Caven, Werner Schroeter, Renato Berta, Shiguéhiko Hasumi, Bulle Ogier

David Wants To Fly by David Sieveking, Germany/Austria/Switzerland (WP)

Friedensschlag - Das Jahr der Entscheidung (To Fight For – The Year of Decision) by Gerardo Milsztein, Germany (WP)

Fritz Bauer - Tod auf Raten (Death By Instalments) by Ilona Ziok, Germany (WP)

I Shot My Love by Tomer Heymann, Israel/Germany (WP)

New York Memories by Rosa von Praunheim, Germany (WP)

Red, White & The Green by Nader Davoodi, Iran

Rock Hudson - Dark and Handsome Stranger by Andrew Davies, André Schäfer, Germany (WP)

Shtikat Haarchion (A Film Unfinished) by Yael Hersonski, Israel


Covered by John Greyson, Canada

Herbert White by James Franco, USA

with Michael Shannon

Last Address by Ira Sachs, USA

The Feast Of Stephen by James Franco, USA

with Remy Germinario, Ty Anania, Louis Anania, Phil Naess, Theo Saluan

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January 22, 2010