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66/67 - Fairplay war gestern

66/67 - One Family Is Enough

For six young men, who could hardly be more different from one another, the fan club of the Eintracht Braunschweig football club is the centre of their life and their friendship. 66/67 is the name of their club as well as the year in which Eintracht Braunschweig won the German Championship. With their 66/67 branding Florian, Otto, Henning, Christian, Tamer and Mischa have not only heroically vowed to stand up for each other, but also, after the final whistle is blown, they celebrate together the kick of violence in the “third half”. There they delve into the fray with a ruthlessness that has no regard for pain. However, behind their existence as fans lies the deeper desire to find a fixed point in their lives that is sacrosanct: their friendship. But gradually the pals discover that their individual difficulties can no longer be solved within the group. Each of the protagonists has his own problems, which are based outside of the football stadium. The friends are forced to discover that it isn’t their club that is facing the greatest challenges, but rather they themselves …
With 66/67 – FAIRPLAY IS OVER the director duo Ludwig & Glaser present their third feature film collaboration. Jan-Christoph Glaser: “After DETROIT […] we were itching to make an ensemble film and to delve into the world of football.” Self-professing Eintracht Braunschweig fan Carsten Ludwig adds: “Today hooliganism for me is a grotesque and anachronistic version of the temporary rebellion against conformity and mediocrity.”

Germany 2009, 118 min


Carsten Ludwig, Jan-Christoph Glaser


Fabian Hinrichs
Christoph Bach
Maxim Mehmet
Melika Foroutan
Fahri Ogün Yardim