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Palermo Shooting


Finn, who lives and works in Düsseldorf, is one of the most successful photographers in the world. His work is exhibited in numerous important galleries and museums and he is a sought-after fashion photographer. The price he has to pay for such a hectic life is that his nights are restless, his cell phone never stops ringing, and the music in his earphones is his closest companion. When his life is suddenly thrown out of joint after a fashion shooting with Milla Jovovich, Finn leaves everything behind him and flies to Palermo, where he is fascinated by the mysterious old city. At the famous Quattro Canti in the centre of the Old Town he observes the bustling life around him and falls asleep in his exhaustion. Suddenly out of the blue an arrow is fired at him and barely misses him. Is he imagining things?
A little later in an old theatre he meets Flavia, who is working on the restoration of the fresco “Il Triofo della Morte”, an apocalyptical representation of Death from the 15th century. Finn is immediately attracted to the beautiful young woman. But before he can be open to love he must confront Death.
Director/writer/producer Wim Wenders wrote the role of Finn expressly for the frontman of the band “Die Toten Hosen”: Campino plays the photographer spoiled by success who must face Death – personified by Dennis Hopper in a cinematic reunion with Wenders 30 years after “The American Friend” – before he meets love – in the attractive form of Italian actress Giovanna Mezzogiorno.

Germany 2008, 108 min


Wim Wenders


Giovanna Mezzogiorno
Dennis Hopper

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